Thursday, September 13, 2007

Fall Lilly Collection 2007 or 1970?

Fall Collection 2007: Taea Dress

The Lilly Pulitzer Fall 2007 Collection is definetly "vintage inspired". Last weekend, a hippie-chic woman entered the Annapolis Signature Store, The Pink Crab, admitting that Lilly Pulitzer wasn't exactly her style. After looking through the Fall Collection, the woman said that she would definetly buy some of the Fall items upon leaving the store.
The Taea Dress especially, is a very vintage piece. Its print, "Olive Off the Wagon" is not the typical pink-and-green-fish-out-of water Lilly print that we all love. It has definite fall inspired colors like brown and olive and gold details. The scalloped bottom offers a vintage detail matched with a folded collar and gold button. The Jackie O. shift style runs to just over the knees, and is not for the tall preps like myself. This Lilly style dress runs true to size and goes for around $248.00.
The next vintage inspired piece, the croched Spohia Dress, sports a style that Jackie Onasis would have worn herself. Vanilla in color and eyelet and high boatneck in style this dress matches perfectly with the appropriately boxy 3/4 sleeve jacket in the same style. Both with grosgrain detail, the dress boasts a price of $268.00 and the jacket, goes for a steep $298.00.
The Sienna Jaquard black and creme Strapless dress is an extremely functional dress. It is similarly vintage inspired, with an available matching driving coat. The black and creme dress comes in an almost-oriental-flower print. The matching driving coat, Daria Coat, has a pink liner and some of the coolest snap-buttons you've ever seen. This dress runs around $298.00, however the jacket runs just short of $400, coming in at about, $398.00.
The vintage-y-ness doesn't only come in dresses. The Rachel Skirt in "Cocktail Pink Prep Plaid" is most definetly vintage inspired. Boasting typical Lilly pink and green, it is a longer cut skirt with gold buttons running down the front middle. Seen in the window at Annapolis' Pink Crab, it looks great with any matching pink top. The Bess top in "Princess Pink" matches well in every respect. The pink color is the same as the skirt and the gold button detail on the shoulders is the same as the skirt. The skirt rocks a pricetag of $178.00 and the Bess top runs at $98.00.
In the words of Lilly Puliter, "Wear Pink and Make the Boys Wink!"
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patq said...

Love the Lilly article. Have to say that I love the latest fashion wrap dresses in the poly material (known in the 70s as quiana (sp?).
I read in a fashion mag that we can take our summer wrap dresses and bring them into Fall and Winter by adding long sleeve tees or turtlenecks. I plan to do that. I am on the hunt for more of these fun, colorful print dresses in 70s wild prints, I love them!!!!
Also have to say that I love the pink and green combo - especially for summer. I think that 75% of the time in summer I wore those colors. Now that we have to face facts that summer is over, I am toning it down and find myself wearing a lot of brown and turquoise. I also hold onto the pink with brown. Keep your Lilly fashion tips and ideas coming!!!

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suburban prep said...

I admit that a number of the items Lilly had this past summer were fashioned from the '60's and '70's. Perhaps I wa a bit too young at that time to realize that they would come back into fashion.