Monday, December 22, 2008

The Legally Blonde Musical

OMIGOD! Well, I saw this little number a few weeks ago at the Hippodrome Theater with my mom, sister, and then me. We decided to go after my mom found out that it was heading our way and she got some "buy-your-tickets-before-everyone-else" email. Well, we loved it! What a seriously feel good musical. I'm part of a family of musical fanatics, my dad included. I've seen The Sound of Music, Into the Woods, Hairspray (x2), The Lion King, Wicked, and now Legally Blonde: The Musical. I think there might be one or two more that I can't think of. Anyway, was this show fun! It's pretty true to the movie, but also makes some diversions.

I loved this movie, obviously enough to dress up as Elle herself, and loved the play as well. I would tell anyone who can go see it that they definitely should! It was totally fun and I especially enjoyed the outfits. Among the musical numbers, our cast was chock full of members of the MTV show, Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search for Elle Woods. Rhiannon, the youngest of the TV show members, was Elle's best friend and fellow Delta Nu, whose name I believe is Margo, but it could be the other one. Check out this song "Serious", one of my favorites (second only to "omigod you guys" but everyone knows that one...) where Warner tells Elle that he has to find a Jackie not a Marilyn, which everyone remembers is the scene in the movie at the restaurant in the beginning:

For any preppy girl, who enjoys a good musical now and again, this is most definitely for you! Happy Holidays, and Drive Safely!

P.S. The Debutante presentation is tomorrow, and I'm super excited. PLUS I GOT INTO FAIRFIELD UNIVERSITY!!!! I AM SO HAPPY!


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