Sunday, March 8, 2009

My First Milestone: 50th POST!!!!!

AHHHHH HOW COOL!?!?!? #50!

Today I went spring break shopping. I went to the new Target close to my house, expecting to be blown away with great deals right and left for spring break. Yeah, not so much...? What's up with that Target?! Then my sister and I headed over to Old Navy, thinking they'd have a bunch of quick fixes that I could grab to go with me. My main order of business was to get a cute swimsuit. There was a cute seersucker bandeau online that I really liked and imagined getting. Even though I have a Lilly seersucker and plaid suit from Resort 2007 that I adore, I thought a bandeau would be fun. I was MUCH more successful there! Pink and green ga-lore baby. These were a few of the items that I snagged:
How about these shorts? Fabulous length on me because I'm tall, so I always go for medium length shorts. Well these 7' ones were perfect plus platinum jacks or my pink shoes my mom got me from a few posts ago? Plus, its really long on me, which is tough to find for tops like this. Nice!
Love this shirt. I tried it on in the store, and I'm usually a little hesitant about tube tops since I'm so flat-chested. This was cute and with appropriate undergarments, should be fine! Pair this with white shorts or my white khaki J.Crew skirt and I've got another outfit.I snagged this top too, thinking it could really go with anything. It is bright white and clean and crisp that I couldn't pass it up. Old Navy is really stepping up their game. This with a light cardigan and some cute capris and I have my probably travel outfit!For some reason, I can't find the top to this online haha so the bottoms will do. This was the suit I picked out, and its a lot cuter in person. There is a lot more pink on mine and who doesn't like pink and green paisley?!

I told you it was pink and green ga-lore. They have TONS of good deals right now at ON so check it out!!!

P.S. "Angels on the Moon" by Thriving Ivory: I thought it was a joke when I saw a commercial for them on TV, but its a great song. Totally worth a download. Also, "La La Land" by Demi Lovato. A friend showed me this, and I'm totally not a fan of all the Disney singers and stuff because my sister is a Jonas Brother addict (naturally, I cannot stand them...) but this is cute. I don't think it will make it to my top 25 listened to songs on iTunes, but its good for the time being and its a good workout song. Get "Angels on the Moon" first. Third download: "I'd Rather Be With You" by Joshua Radin, such a great little love song. The same girl who showed me the Demi Lovato song showed me this, so she has an almost respectable music taste (sorry care...).

I hope everyone's weekend was good!


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