Monday, March 30, 2009

Still Here...

Hey everyone! I can't believe how iffy I've been writing these days. It's finally starting to get nice around here!! Woo hoo! Prom is just about a month and a half away and spring is getting in gear. The boys are 6-2 and have a game tomorrow! They're still playing a little unstable-ly, but they're working on it. This is my prom dress: I am so excited to finally have it! I got it at a local Off 5th and it was $730 down to $217 and that's including tax! Seriously, though, this is THE LAST prom post until like a few days beforehand.

I'm trying to think about what I've been doing recently. Over the weekend I worked! Yay! Twice, I was scheduled to work Sunday and then was emergency scheduled for Saturday to have adequate cover for a sidewalk sale! Later Saturday night, my friend had her 18th birthday at Nano where I wore my own 18th birthday necklace. That color should remind you where it was from! I loved it and paired it with a simple black strapless dress from Old Navy of all places.

More on the college trail. (I accidentally typo-ed that as "trial" and really that's a more apt word) I've narrowed it down to Villanova University and University of South Carolina. I know, I know, they're very different and as my dad says, "you have only good choices". I'm getting a lot of pressure (not from my parents) but from other people, to go to both actually- like some people tell me Villanova and some people tell me USC. It has only been made more difficult with the good news from Villanova because I had really prepared myself to not get in, it was a stretch, you know the shotty college deal though. I got a huge scholarship to USC, to make it even harder. I can actually see myself at both colleges. I certainly have the wardrobe to match both! I'm getting pretty worn down by having to make this decision and as I learned in my A&P class, the teenage prefrontal cortex is totally not ready to handle a decision this large at its current state of maturity. (The prefrontal cortex is the part of the brain that deals with intuition, decision making, and personality, and is not fully mature until age 25. Look, you learn something new everyday!)

Also, I've taken a short break from my LP "Wink" perfume to go back to my Calvin Klein "One Summer". I've decided that if you don't own it, you must. It is fruity and summery and just makes you feel tan. Buy it!

To also kick into spring/summer, I'm not carrying my VV tote bag anymore. I way downsized to an orange (I Herve Chapelier C701. Cute, functional, and I want to get it monogrammed.

I'm looking for another cute "game-ish" post to do, like the 25 list I did a few posts ago, so if you see anything shoot me a link or post it yourself and I'll have to copy!

I'm going to end this post with a quote for all my classmates who read my blog. It's from The Wonder Years, a show I've decided needs to start reairing episodes asap:
"That first week of high school, as I watched our class band together. I realized something about these strangers I'd just met. Strangers I hardly knew. Strangers who were just like me. We were all sharing the same feelings. The same fears, the same loneliness. We were just starting out, and there was only one direction to go. So we went - together."
So to all the Winnies, Kevins, Jacks, Waynes, and everyone else, here's to our last quarter as high school students. Let's make it the best one ever.



Michelle said...

hey katie! hah this is michelle.

congratulations on your acceptance to villanova and USC, that's awesome.

annnnd your prom dress is GORGEOUS!

Michelle said...

i just made it earlier this month. but it is pretty cool! your site is so adorable!
who else from severn has a blog?

preppyplayer said...

katie your college choices are wonderful! And your prom dress is so pretty. I am certain that whatever you choose you will make it be the right choice!
Villanova is uber preppy and USC is preppy southern style....

Preppy 101 said...

The Wonder Years is the BEST!! Good job on getting into those schools. Of course I am partial to USC - the south you know and the Southeastern Conference;-) !!

Meggers said...

Columbia is a fun city to be in. (I can't say I'm a fan of USC, as I went to Clemson...) But, everyone I know who went to USC had a great time. The fraternity/sorority scene there is pretty big, which is fun.