Monday, April 6, 2009

Music Post- Why Not?

So I'm inventing a post. I want everyone to try it! Show off your taste (or lack of) in music with this fun post. Put your iTunes or your music player of choice on Random/Shuffle/Party Shuffle and list the first 25ish or so songs up here (Title and Artist!) and see what people think of your music taste! Select five (or more) of your songs that you feel your music library would be incomplete without!

Note: this is from my mac computer, so I have a relatively small music collection, and you'll notice a lot of it is pretty new music. If it was on my old big computer it would have tons more funny/reminiscent ones!

1. I Can't Be Your Friend: Rushlow (Classy in Philadelphia, you'll love this for your boy problemssss!)
2. That Summer: Garth Brooks (he's my #1 favorite artist ever!) Must-have song 1 of 5.
3. Go Getta: Young Jeezy
4. Hypnotize: Notorious B.I.G.
5. Taylor the Latte Boy: Kristen Chenoweth
6. I'm Movin' On: Rascal Flatts- Must-have song 2 of 5
7. The Way I Loved You: Taylor Swift (if you're going to download 1 TS song in your life this is a cute one)
8. Energy: Keri Hilson (fabulous workout song and good to have)
9. Change: Taylor Swift
10. Say Yea: Wiz Khalifa (apparently I like all the rappers who have made ZERO impact on the rap, Katie)
11. Happily Ever After: Nicole Scherzinger (I first heard this on Gossip Girl, for all you GG lovers out there)
12. Calabria [Remix]: Enur and Mims
13. My Life Would Suck Without You: Kelly Clarkson
14. Nuttin No Go So: Natch- Must-have download 3 of 5 (we play this all the time in the Lilly store, be sure to google the lyrics-inappropriate but hilarious)
15. Lucky: Jason Mraz feat. Colbie Calliat
16. Bless the Broken Road: Rascal Flatts
17. Angels on the Moon: Thriving Ivory
18. One in a Million: Bosson (anyone remember the scene in Ms. Congeniality where they're all dressed up at Statues of Liberties-when you wanted to be one of them-and dancing...oh yeah, this song)
19. Sugar: Flo Rida (this starts out like the Eiffel 45 song "Blue")
20. The Way You Look Tonight: Frank Sinatra- Must-have 4 of 5 (please flashback to the end scene in "My Best Friend's Wedding" when Jules gives 'her song' to Michael and Kimberly. Makes me cry everytime and this is their song.)
21. Tarzan and Jane: Toybox (woo I'm a little ashamed of this...people from school will know why...thank you lacrosse team as a boy in my stats class reminded me)
22. More than a Memory: Garth Brooks
23. Underneath the Stars: Kate Rusby (download her entire CD, she's adorable. When I am by myself in the car I can't help but burst out in song to be like her.)
24. I Told You So: Carrie Underwood feat. Randy Travis- Must-have 5 of 5 (they just performed this on American Idol, nearly brought me to tears. Its my new obsession song. This is them on American Idol, with Grand Ole Opry Mic's.)
25. Gotta Tell You: Samantha Mumba (she's Irish, you'd never believe it. I think I have this song on the computer from my Now 4 CD.

This is fun. Its like making a virtual CD for someone! Enjoy!


P.S.: Thanks everyone for being so unbelievably supportive about my college decision. It makes me feel fabulous!

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Semi-Slacker Mom said...

Your music taste is a lot like mine. Some country, some pop & a little rap. Except with the exception of the country, mine is a little more old school.