Sunday, May 31, 2009

Since I temporarily fell off the face of the blogging earth...

This stinks. I haven't blogged in ages, but hey- its just like riding a bike, right? What a bummer, I feel like I've totally let everyone down. Well here's my attempt at redemption (again).

Since I last blogged, SO much has happened. WOW. First and foremost: prom. What a fun night! It happened to be the last day of school for seniors which was totally an added bonus! The theme was "Vegas" and there were mocktails (I had a mock cosmo!!) and mock gambling, but that was a bit over my head. Here are a few photos from prom:
This was how my date (Brad) asked me:HOW ADORABLE IS THAT? I know. My dad was like, "Am I allowed to eat one?". We loved them in my house!
This is my "group" and our dates, and it happens to be one of my mom's favorite photos from the night. I'm in the pink:
This was decidedly one of our favorite pictures, me, Brad (minus his crooked tie), and Grace my sister:
It ended up as a very fun night that I think most everyone enjoyed. Thank you to all the members of the class of 2010 who put it on!

Next, I came back from my Habitat for Humanity trip. (Click the link for the location we went to.) I LOVED IT. It was so much fun and I encourage everyone to do something like this, especially with a group of people you know. We all got very close to one another and it was really a great bonding trip for everyone who went.This is the entire group that went except one girl because she was at her sister's college graduation (Boston College!) and had to fly down to meet us later. We all had such a good time!

I've been working a ton and Lilly Summer 2009 rocks. Swimsuits, dresses, ahh its fabulous! The store is really picking up especially with the Navy graduation week and everything. What a good few weeks for the store!

Also, believe it or not, I'm gearing up for school. Its CRAZY. Taking placement tests, buying stuff here and there (I have positively the cutest bedding that my mom picked up for me. Photos will obviously follow.) I can't believe I head out August 14th! I guess first I technically have to graduate, which is June 6th. Woo-hoo! The night before my graduation is Baccalaureate, which is a big event (dressy) put on by students for students. There's a big reflection, and tons of people perform guitar or sing or make candid power points of us across the years, its generally a tear-jerker. This is the dress I'm wearing that I love from j.crew and now its on sale:Very cute! Unfortunately I had to take the hem down a little but it was totally worth it. Plus I can take it with me to SC!

I feel like so much is going on these days that I can't think of everything. Thankfully, I will be blogging regularly fairly soon so that will be good, I'll be able to keep up with stuff again. Miss you all and its really good to be back!



Gracie Beth said...

That was such a cute way for him to ask you to prom! I love your pink dress!

Mariam said...

Glad you are back! Congratulations - Graduation will be gorgeous! Can't wait to see your bedding for your dorm room.

Mrs. Nurse said...

I have periods where I go in-and-out of blogging myself. Welcome back :)