Sunday, June 14, 2009

Get to J.Crew ASAP!

Today my mom and I went back to the Rehoboth Outlets today to get MORE J.Crew shorts. The first time I went this week I dropped $85 on 2 pairs of their Buttery Twill 5'' Inseam Chino shorts in navy and rose, 2 shirts, and a cute mid-length-sleeve sweater previously from madewell. I've already worn the blue ones twice. After deciding that these shorts were made for 6'0'' people, they coincidentally make the best "short-short" for the tall girls out there, we went back to get 2 more pairs in dark khaki and white. Two more very functional colors. I'm telling you GET A PAIR in every color functional for your wardrobe. You will not be surprised how durable, comfortable, and well fitting these shorts are. They also come in a 3'' version that had a bunch more colors but I'm still partial to the 5-ers.

*Not to mention they're all only $20 at your nearest J.Crew outlet. TWENTY DOLLARS THATS NUTS! Online they're $39.50, so go to your outlet!!!

Not only are they functional, but I feel like I'll be able to get a lot of use out of them in sunny South Carolina. This is really the first bit of stocking up that my mother and I have done for school, so does anyone else have any ideas? I'm really getting ready to start looking at packing and beginning shopping, so ideas are totally appreciated!

Two months from tomorrow I'm in Columbia, SC! Classes start 5 days later!!!

P.S. Today as the fam was getting dressed for Church, my mom and I were dressed IDENTICALLY. Now, matching is not abnormal for our clan, but my mom and I both had Lilly skorts both that had patchwork patterns on them, white polos, popped collars, and bright sweaters that matched our respective skirts. It was quite a sight to see, I'm sure, but then again, this crowd is the one who would appreciate a good unintended mommy-and-me look. Well mom, chalk it up to another matching day.

P.S.S. Just got an invite to RueLaLa! This is their standard message but it sums up what the site is about well: "I just found Rue La La, the destination for 2-day only boutiques, filled with designers we love at private sale prices. It's free, fabulous and invitation-only. Here's your invitation!" This is my link if you want to join the network: if it doesn't work just copy-paste it into your browser! Enjoy shopping!

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Prep-E Girl said...

Might have to go get some of those shorts since I a) am 5'10" and b) live in Delaware!

Thanks for the heads up!