Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nail Color!

So, when you get a compliment its usually about your great new pair of sandals or your fabulous dress, but is it ever for your nail color? Not for me, however, recently I've been getting tons (4) of compliments on my nail polish color. And no, its not anything like super special. Its not even a manicure I got or anything. I painted my nails the other day this pale pink that I got from Happy Harry's (Yes, a real place, and if you haven't been you're not living. Just kidding. Its a glorified Walgreens.). "Pink Chiffon" by Revlon seems to be the miracle color. 3 coats + a clear topcoat really did the trick for me. Now, I kind of have long nails so you may not need as much, but it really is a good sheer-but-enough-color color especially for summer. On top of my "Pink Chiffon" (I really just can't get over the name!!) I put a Target brand nail color on top of that called "Paparazzi Pink Glitter 103A" by N.Y.C. As my sister says, I have a small problem with periodically liking tacky things, like glitter. Now this is really not GLITTER glitter (although I do like that...), but its more of a sheen that looked nice over this pink. All it really did was add a little pop.

If you're going to go with summer nails and want something more than nude or clear, "Pink Chiffon" is definitely a color to add, just make sure to have a topcoat and enough time to dry fully!



Michelle said...

i like that color.

Summer Wind said...

pretty color!

K @ Blog Goggles said...

That's so funny - but it is a gorgeous color!