Friday, August 7, 2009

kenwood lane!

There's this fab new store that I just found online as I was looking for preppy school supplies. I have a cute Lilly photo board and all the "Preppy Collection" stuff from Michael's, but I know I still need more. I'm bringing down a cork board but it really needed some "jazzing up". I didn't want to do anything like paint it or modge podge it (however that's spelled), so I looked up pushpins. In all my searching, I found Kenwood Lane! Become a facebook fan there, I am! Their website it and it is adorable.
Look at how adorable they are! I am obsessed with the pink ones! Not only are they cute and stylish, but the prints have the best names: Pinckney Pink (my favorite pink with white polka dots), Grove Green, Bowdin Blue (too bad the only classmates of mine going there are boy football players!), Brimmer Brown, River Raspberry (my second favorite, but not pictured) and Newbury Navy (my third favorite, the blue with white polka dots).

Also, it gets even better. They come to you, in-get this-CORK!
I know, I didn't think they could get better either. But they do. KWL has an etsy shop that you can get to from the website, and I am definitely going to order some of these little guys. You get 8 pins per pack for only $10. They're handmade and sent to you all wrapped in ribbon.

And I may have found my new favorite quote on their website: "Life is uncertain. Eat dessert first."