Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lilly-fy Your Computer!

Hi all, I'm obviously posting from school!!! I just downloaded Mozilla so that I could have my Lilly theme! Check it out:How cute it is? Check the Lilly facebook page for it! Adorable, this one is Beach Bum and there's the Hollywood Squares patch too that I love, but I had to go with the strictly pink and green!!

While we're on the subject of technology, I really want a laptop monogram sticker. College Prep showed a photo of one and I think I'm going to order one! Probably a bright pink one for the front left corner of my laptop! Everyone seems to have the same aluminum MacBook, so I'm gonna make mine look a little different! They're cute little additions that will set you apart from the crowd!

Not to mention, my school bookstore just started selling Lilly stationary! They also have kate spade and some other more "upscale" stationary brands. Very cute! I have awesome stationary from Michael's that I adore from "The Preppy Collection". They're in the 10/$10 section so go stock up!

And, my Kenwood Lane pushpins arrived! They're already being used on my bulletin board! See them along the side? And my note from Sarah's up there too. She included a handwritten note, what a sweet businesswoman! You can see my DZ turtle in the corner too!
Hope everyone's doing well!



Her Preppiness said...

great tips

Beth Dunn said...

Love that your bookstore has lilly and kate paper. Too cute! xoxo

Chloe said...

ahh I can't believe I missed the firefox themes on the lilly page! thanks for the heads up!

Kate said...

Cute cute cute!