Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lilly and Lemonade Party!

I told you guys awhile back that I was a Collegiate Representative for Lifeguard Press, which is the line of stationary that does all the designing for Lilly Pulitzer stationary. Yesterday, I hosted my very first Lilly and Lemonade Party for the sisters of Alpha Chi Omega, who were so nice to host me! One of their sisters, Leigh, was just diagnosed with cancer, so this was part of their major fundraiser/philanthropy for this year all in honor of her!! We had so many orders come in, so check out what the spread looked like:

These were some of the fabulous items that Lifeguard Press  makes for Lilly! Check out all of the great spring prints!!

Here is the spread of snacks that we had for all of the girls to eat while they browsed samples and looked at the catalogs!

There were tons of sisters who came to see what I had and to help out a fellow sister! They were so friendly and hospitable and I would love to work with them again in a heartbeat!

I wore the Worth Shift and white Jack Rogers to the Lilly and Lemonade party to match the front cover of the catalogs!! It was such a great dress and I absolutely ADORE the print! Here's my polyvore outfit set:
                March 26
March 26 by letsbepreppy featuring Jack Rogers sandals

All in all it was a great day and I had so much fun working with all the Alpha Chi's! They were so nice to me, as well as having a beautiful house! I also saw some Delta Zeta's, Gamma Phi's, KD's, and even more! It was a really fun day in the Greek Village and I can't wait to schedule some more events with other sororities!! 



mFw said...

That's so great! We did something like it at my school too. And, I did meet our rep there as well! Great job planning what looks like an amazing party!

bevy said...

What a wonderful saleswoman you are! So glad your show went so well...

Hilary said...

Such a good cause! Looked like fun!

kanishk said...

Great job planning what looks like an amazing party!
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Beth Dunn said...

looks like the perfect party!

Gracie Beth said...

You did a lovely job!

Rawls said...

Looks like the party went great!!!! :)

QueenBeeSwain said...

have to say the feeling is mutual, when life hands you lemons... post about your lilly and lemonade party :)



Patriotic Princess said...

So glad everything went well! Great job with everything :) And that is a darling dress!

I left you something over on my blog. I know you have been tagged like 3 time already but you're definitely one of my favorite preppy bloggers!

Enjoy your week! XOXO.

Miss Janice said...

How much fun you must have selling the Lilly paper products!!! Love your outfit:) Happy Easter!