Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung AND it just so happens that today is the last day of winter!! Goodbye to the icy cold winds of Decemeber and say hello to the warm breezes and fresh smell of spring!!
Everyone here keeps talking about the famed "tulip trees" and I had no idea what they were until about last week! They are in full bloom here and really are the first shot of color that my campus is getting. A friend of mine, Chelsea, was giving a campus tour to a large group of students and in the beginning she asked the group, "What are you interested in?" Generally that question garners the response of "Biomedical Engineering" or "Pre-Law" or "International Business", and she got many of those answers, but one student answered with "YOU!" to which everyone broke out into violent laughter that we could hear inside the building! Later during the tour, that same student offered Chelsea one of the tulip tree flowers along the tour, so they have been a very popular flower recently. These trees are all over school! They can be grown in multiple climates and I really think that they are very pretty!  

Also, I have a few friends getting ready to go to the Carolina Cup! As most of you know, it is a big horse race that is extremely popular with the college set. Many of them are in sororities that have sort of paired up with fraternities and are taking big busses together. I can't wait to see all the photos and outfits that they all wore! There are a few other horse races going on tomorrow throughout SC as well as Cup, I know my roommates for next year have both been to Steeplechase in Aiken.

I can't believe that spring is here!! I am so happy that it is finally getting warm and we won't be in pants and jeans 24/7!



Annie said...

Cup is so much fun. Even though I haven't been in college for 5 years, we all still enjoy going with new friends from after school (and acting like we're still in college!!!)! This year we aren't because it is the same weekend as Cooper River Bridge run in Charleston. Can't wait to see all the fun outfits. I miss picking mine out this year!

bevy said...

Oh yes... have lots o' memories of the Carolina Cup! Of course, when I was in college, there was no "College Park". It is fun, but has gotten rather crazy for this 40-yr-old.

We just returned from the Steeplechase and, you are so right, spring has definitely sprung. It was lovely.