Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Pink Inspired!

So its quite the time for sorority formals and proms to roll around and I have many friends who are attending either one! I remember prom season and now learning all about formal season here in college, so I was feeling inspired to find some dress options. I think it is very fun to be able to wear short dresses these days too, so here a few of my favorite PINK and SHORT dress options for many types of spring functions!!

Forever21: loving the one-shoulder effect! My mom recently bought me a black one-shoulder dress and I think it is very flattering! I had never really though about the shape, but imagine this dress with great gold jewelry (maybe a bangle and great earrings) and some tall gold strappy sandals.

J. Crew: This dress is so classy and would be perfect for a wedding. I'd pair this one with silver jewelry like a delicate necklace and silver shoes of some sort with your hair up so you can see the beautiful neckline of this dress!

Nicole Miller: I always lust after Nicole Miller Dresses. My senior year in high school she used all this Lurex in dresses so they were formal and sparkly in the right light. I think this neckline is so pretty without being to scandalous at all! I would wear a bit less dramatic shoes, but only because I would break both ankles wearing those!

BCBG: Va-va-va-voom! This dress take it up a notch for sure, but I probably wouldn't wear it with tights since it is so warm out these days! Instead I'd make it a little more summery without all the black accessories.

Lilly Pulitzer: I love the gold already on the dress! It really takes a lot of work out of making an outfit. All you need are some platinum Jack Rogers or gold McKims and you're all set. My sister has this dress in white actually and I'm sure its going to look gorgeous for her Confirmation coming up soon!

ABS by Allen Schwartz (via bluefly.com): I actually just came upon this dress and would absolutely wear it myself! They currently have my size AND everything on bluefly is an extra 10% off for an event today only!

edressme: I think the shape of this dress is great! I'm a fan of high neck dresses and I think this is very nice. I wouldn't wear the brown shoes with it, but match it with a lighter (and way flatter...) gold color, using the band in the middle of the dress to match!

I am obviously not in the market for a fancy pink dress anytime soon, but I sure would love one anyway! Here are a few fun ones if you do need one for something coming up! Mix and match them with summery jewelry and shoes and grab a white or cream pashmina if you're heading out at night. Voila you've got yourself a wonderful ensemble and you can hit the town!



mFw said...

Love these dresses! We have formal in a couple weeks on Derby Day (I'm not happy but whatever) so I'm going with the Derby Day theme and wearing a printed Lilly dress! Its also fun to annoy my sorority sisters with all the Lilly I wear! They think I'm crazy!

Trish said...

Katie, this post made me all sorts of happy inside! Thanks for bringing such sunshine to a post!!

Pink Champagne said...

The pink J Crew dress in pink is the bridesmaid dress I chose for my wedding! LOVE it and the big bow behind the neck! (Love all of your other picks too.)

PS - I gave you an award on my blog!

Annie said...

Love this post! What great ideas you have! Thank you!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Wow! Love all the lovely pink dresses, especially the last one. May have to work on getting that one into my closet. :)

bailey said...

Great dress options. Love Jack Rogers with my dresses! Jack Rogers now have apparel on their website. I'm obsessed with their new shoes and clothing! www.jackrogersusa.com.

Gracie Beth said...

I have had a sorority formal dress hanging in my closet for a year now because I refuse to go without dates...I am so worried it is going to go to waste!

Fashion Meets Food said...

wow! I am in lust over that first dress! I just came across your blog and love it! I look forward to more entries! yOu now have a new follower!


Elizabeth said...

I love all of those dresses! So inspring for the happy springtime that is now upon us!
I also tagged you for a blog award!

mFw said...

I left you a little something on my blog!

Caroline said...

I tagged you on my blog for an award!
Check it out here: http://shewalksinthewoods.blogspot.com/

xoxo Caroline

Fashion Meets Food said...

Heyy girly! Just came across your blog and absolutely love it! That first pink dress is beautiful! You now have a new follower!


House Queen said...

Girl...lucky you...working in a Lilly store! Or should I say unlucky for your wallet? Glad I found your sweet blog!!! Have a fab sunday!!!

Kayleen said...

Love your blog :) Love the dresses you picked out.

Do you like Jack Rogers? You might be interested to know they are giving away a $250 shopping spree on their facebook right now.


:) Keep up the great posts cause Ill be checking back! Thanks!