Friday, April 2, 2010

A Taste of Pink!

If pink had a flavor it would taste just like Cotton Candy Jelly Belly jelly beans. This flavor is the epitome of pink for me! They are sold in bulk at some specialty stores and gourmet stores. There's an old general store that sells them close to me as well as a Fresh Market that just opened up (I'll have to make another post about that because it is a FAB grocery store...note to self.)

In real life, the color is a bit more refreshing looking and has a cuter shade of pink. For all you cotton candy skeptics out there, my mom and the ladies that I work with have all had this flavor and they love it! It doesn't taste like cotton candy really and it just tastes truly like PINK! It has such a bright and cheerful flavor you can't help but grab a handful and snack away. Are there any snacks for you that are very pink (or any other fabulous color for that matter)??

Now that I'm writing about these JB's, I think I'll have to go get myself some for Easter and to take back to school with me! I'm at home and I am so so so excited to sleep in my own Queen bed. Right before I came home I almost didn't because I have so much work but then a few of my tests got postponed or moved, so I could come home! I am very happy I decided to so I can see my best friend Emily and I haven't seen her since Christmas break! Not to mention I love relaxing with my family and just being in my house. I have my Easter dress all picked out for Sunday and it is a very bright pink shift with little pea-sized kelly green polka dots. I got it from Hecht's (do they even exist???) like a million years ago and I love it. I have some great green jewelry that matches perfectly and it will all be very cute on Sunday.

I hope everyone has wonderful weekends and now go get some deeeeeeee-lish Cotton Candy Jelly Belly jelly beans, trust me, you WILL want more!!



mFw said...

That's so great you got to come home! I'm home too, but need to get some homework done in the next day or so - we'll see how that works! Your jelly bellys sound great, I never liked cotton candy flavors but they sound good! I'll have to try them sometime!

Happy Easter!

H. Royar said...

I love the Fresh Market - it is so amazing!