Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lilly and Books

Today my Momma and I were out shopping and strolling for the early afternoon and we eventually made our way into Barnes and Noble. My mom is quite the reader and she was looking for a few summer books. I saw this fabulous display while I was perusing the shelves of the goodies B&N has to share:
How cute is all their Lifeguard Press stuff? I love that it's all centered around the "Essentially Lilly" book too! I'm a huge fan of reading especially during the summer, so I wanted to compile some of my good (and maybe some preppy) reads!

What I've read recently/want to read:
American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld
So I was recommended this book by a fellow co-worker of mine and was really excited to read it over spring break. It was a very interesting novel, and apparently based on the life of Laura Bush, but unfortunately I found (or felt like) that the author had an agenda. I would recommend the story to people, but read it as fiction and not based on the life of a first lady. 

Songs of the Humpback Whale by Jodi Picoult
I am a HUGE JP fan especially for summer reading because you can get sucked in SO fast. I've read 6 (I think...) books that she wrote and liked very many of them. This was the first one she wrote, and it's clear that she was just getting started since some of the other books I liked better. I liked this book, but if you want to read one by her and haven't read My Sister's Keeper and Nineteen Minutes. I read Ninteen Minutes in 1 day it was so good!
Social Climbers by Beth Dunn
Beth is one of our own preppy bloggers, so I had to add this to my list. I've never read it myself, but she actually handed a copy to a co-worker of mine! How sweet! I'll most likely be adding this to my list over the summer if I can squeeze it in!

The Official Preppy Handbook (by a collection of folks)
I was actually given my copy of TOPH by my godmother who found it used (in unbelievably amazing condition condition) and sent it to me. I think it is such a fun book to have and I love the old fashionedness of it. The drawings of all the different things have to be my favorites too! 

True Prep by Lisa Birnbach
I can't wait to check out this one! I've heard so many reviews of it and love that it's the sequel of TOPH. I'm very excited to see how things have changed and truly how "it's a whole new world" as the cover says. And I know they say "never judge a book by its cover" but this one is just too cute! I'm sure you all would agree! (Plus on Amazon, I checked out what other readers have read section along the bottom and tons of Jodi Picoult are listed, so these readers have some sense!!)

Any GREAT book recommendations? I'd love some ideas!!

Happy summer reading (which ironically I used to hate in middle school)!



Gracie Beth said...

There are so many books I want to be able to read but I never have time because engineering leaches my soul and will be doing so once again starting in two weeks.

Sunshine and Summertime said...

Funny you have your list, I just ordered 3 of those this morning!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

I'm reading Social Climbers right now. You've got some good reads on your list here. The Lilly at B&N is so cute!

mFw said...

Such good books! I'm a terrible reader so if I get through Social Climbers that will be impressive! My mom said B and N had Lilly stationery and I was surprised yet thrilled! Hope you had a great day!

Sheena. G said...

Any book by Emily Giffin is just amazing. I can finish a book of hers in an afternoon. You would love her!

Beth Dunn said...

How sweet of you to include me in your list! Have a great weekend. xoxo

Annie said...

Wow, that's awesome you like to read so much! I would love to read social climbers sometime too!

Miss Preppy in Pearls said...

I totally agree about American Wife. I read it and was a little disappointed at the way the author's opinion came through. I did love the novel, but being a Republican I felt like it was almost an attack on my party. I'm glad someone else enjoyed the story but also felt like there was something else going on.

The Preppy Princess said...

Love this post Miss LBP, and have to say we did not enjoy "American Wife," it just seemed like there was entirely too much navel-gazing going on.... but then we weren't crazy about her first book either, so our thoughts may be a bit jaded.

As far as books to read next, we're all over the map, and can recommend anything by James Carroll, or Anna Maxted, I think you would definitely enjoy the latter!

Hope your weekend is faboo!