Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lilly Pulitzer Summer Favorites

Today during work it was deathly hot out, so the girl I was working with ok-ed it for e to try a few things on!

I've already decided that I'm going to buy the Callahan shorts because they're adorable, I can wear them during the entire summer as well as during school, and I'm a huge fan of the prints. These are the two I have on hold for myself:

I don't normally wear too much orange (not a great color on me...neither is yellow) but I'm loving both pairs of these!

The rest are just items that as a broke college student I can only afford to lust after:

This Bowen dress is AMAZING. The slightly sweetheart neckline is adorable and the shape is so flattering. The bust is very small though (which is good for me, but not for most) so I was very surprised since I usually have some problems with that. The length isn't too short and very nice for summer!

Truth be told, I may end up buying this Merianne top sooner or later. It was SO cute and again the bust was pretty small. This top was so much longer than I expected so Kudos to LP for their new lengths! I have an awesome pair of white jeans that this top would look great with. I also tried it on without the straps and it looked darling. A must have for the summer!!

Lilly lovers keep your eyes peeled for all these wonderful items for your summer wardrobes!! Have you made any LP summer purchases? Anything you're lusting over??



Living in Lilly said...

I love those first callahan shorts and the top! I have the bowen dress in pink/green and it's such a flattering dress. Great picks!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

Love it all! Great post! :)

Jenna Rose Stern said...

i justked up the callahan in fresh catch of the day toile & hotty pink floral - mig needa few more pairs ! & i just had to have the pandamonium shift! xoxo

kay said...

Love it all as well!

mFw said...

I love the callahan shorts but I feel like they look so short on me and I don't like them on me. I'm thrilled to know that skirt is longer! Its so cute and I may need to get it! Hope you're having a good week!

Chloe said...

I love patterned shorts!