Thursday, June 3, 2010

Summer Tote Choices

So there are tons of occasions during the summer for travel: Memorial Day and Labor Day Weekends, beach trips, the Fourth of July, going out at night, and just bags to have! Here are my "go-to" bags for summer time:

The "Tote bag" Longchamp Le Pliage bag is great for everyday stuff. I use my Rosalie one all the time and it goes with most everything I own. I also have this same bag in khaki and that one has gotten its fair wear and tear (nice rhyme!) so I prefer the pink one. They are surprisingly roomy and this one has even fit my MacBook Pro laptop in the past!

Vineyard Vines:

The VV bag is great for extended days, you know the days when you know you can't go home after running errands so you tuck everything you could need during the day in your purse. I used mine as a schoolbag that also fit my laptop easily as well as my HUGE 1000 page anatomy textbook. I also love all the pockets that this one has to store pens/pencils/hair accessories/snacks or whatever you want.

Victoria's Secret:

This is THE BEST beach bag that I have! It is a heavy canvas material that is covered in plastic on the outside so that it is virtually waterproof. It has a more canvas-y inside that you can easily shake the sand out of. I used this all during our trip to Turks and Caicos and the best part was: it was super packable! I could fold it up and stick it inside another bag so that I wasn't using massive amounts of space! Also great, I didn't pay for it since it came free if you used the right coupon code!

Eddie Bauer/LL Bean:

I just picked up this HUGE tote a few weeks ago with a gift card that I had from Christmas! I can't wait to slap a big garnet monogram on the side of it and use it for whatever I need! I took it to a friend's house early last week and was able to just toss in all the different things that I was bringing. These big, durable totes are great for taking to the beach or putting towels in to take to the pool.

Vera Bradley:

I really tend to shy away from Vera Bradley these days since I feel like I've grown out of the brand. I do admit though, that my Large Duffel gets a lot of use. It is currently packed full of my winter boots from school. It is a great size to take for 3 or 4 days on a little trip when you don't need too much stuff. I often take mine to the beach when we head there and end up needing lots more space by the time we head home!!


I totally rock this Hobo knockoff from Target and it's a great wallet. It's big enough to hold all my customer loyalty cards, important cards, and change and money as well. It also has a great slot that has easy access for a license or college campus card.

Do you have any go-to bags? What do you use as a purse everyday?



paintedpreppy said...

I have been carrying Longchamp bags for almost 10 years and they never go out of style and always wear well, I just love them, good choice.

Renata said...

I really like the Vera Bradley duffel - it has that bohemian appeal about it - love it!!!


Sweet Southern Prep said...

I love my JPK bag, and just found out that they are on sale for $50 off at Nordstrom right now. Thinking of getting the Vermillion one.

I've got the khaki Longchamp, but stopped using it recently because I got some spots on it.

I'm not as huge of a Vera fan anymore either, but I definitely still use my large duffel for trips. Using it to pack for a short trip as we speak.

Love my real Hobo. Two of my sisters have the knock-off from Target, and they love theirs bc of the price, but theirs haven't lasted nearly as long as mine. The real leather is a big plus.

As for the LL Bean totes...I think I got like twenty of them for my high school graduation, and I still always use them. They're perfect for packing up things, or throwing junk into around the house.

I'll definitely have to check out the VS bag. Sounds like a winner!

Great bags post! Now I'm off to order another JPK at Nordy's. :)

Annie said...

I love my Longchamps. Have you ever ordered them from France? You can customize them!

Sunshine and Summertime said...

Love the Longchamp and the Vera!

HRL said...

Longchamp by far is the best purse I have ever owned! And you can't beat LL Bean

mFw said...

I love the longchamps! Hope you're enjoying your summer and I'm also hosting a giveaway right now!

Chloe said...

I need to get a colored longchamp for summer- black just doesn't cut it!

Kate said...

I love my VV tote for summer! I also have a Longchamp I love too