Saturday, June 19, 2010

Vacation Lovin'

So as I write this post, most of my family is sitting comfortably, relaxing at the beach while I'm at home working all weekend! I'm pretty jealous, but then again I can't complain since I love my job and I'll be off for a week of personal vacation/roadtrip (hmm, this is probably the 8,000th time I've talked about that trip) on Tuesday! As I was thinking about Vacation, I was also doing some online browsing and look what I came up on:
The Essie Resort Collection! How great are these colors?!

As most of you all know, I went to Turks and Caicos for Spring Break with my fam, so I was automatically a fan of Turquoise and Caicos! I've only met a few people who have even heard of T&C, so I was thrilled to see the naming people over at Essie were creative enough to use that! I also LOVE the Splash of Grenadine color since I've always been a Shirley Temple fan. Also how great is that bird brooch? So fabulous, with all the collection colors!

I also have Essie's "Sandy Beach" color which I love! It's a great neutral for fingernails during the summer when you need a color to go with everything. On my toes I'm currently wearing "I Need a Vacation" (which is very ironic...apparently when I bought that one and did my nails a week ago, my subconscious was trying to tell me something):

It looks great on and I really like the color for  my toes. I also bought the Essie To Dry For, which is their quick-drying top coat. I like it, but I still really had to be careful about what I did with my nails after I did it. It isn't a hardening top-coat, so although the top layer was dry, it was still very malleable and my fingerprints and sheets made a mark. What I probably needed to buy was the Instant Dry Oil instead. But hey, I can't complain since my Ulta had a promotion that was buy 2 Essie nail polishes, get 1 free! 

I'm totally becoming an Essie lover and I don't see myself going back to other stuff any time soon. A few of my friends are OPI users, but I really think Essie's got the top notch stuff!

What are you favorite brands/colors? (I LOVE the names, so please let me know!!)



Suburban Princess said...

I hope they have these in Canada! I would so love the blue one for summer toes!

At one point Canada was lined up to buy Turks&Caicos - it's a shame it never happened cuz it would've been nice to spend Canadian dollars there!

carlotta said...

Have a fabulous vacation! And I need to pick up some of that nail polish... ;)

mFw said...

Sad you're not with the fam but at least you're making money! I'm an Essie fan now too! The nail place I now go to in STL always uses Essie so I do too now!

jen.nemeth said...

I just did a whole post on my favorite essie colors!

Caroline said...

Those colors are so gorgeous!