Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Last Minute Lilly

Today I picked up this Bowen dress! I am so excited to have it to take to school with me! When I originally had seen this dress, I wasn't exactly a fan, but I LOVED it once it was on. I think that a lot of Lilly styles need to be tried on in order to get the whole picture. It's quite a short dress on me since I'm a small size. I also had to get my actual size since the dress is strapless (I tend to go up a size in shifts because they can easily be altered and then they're long enough as well. I wouldn't advise going up a size in any of the Originals shifts because they run big anyway.) so that it would fit properly throughout the whole thing. I also rarely buy anything yellow, but I really couldn't resist this dress. It's nice for daytime wear and I would definitely wear this going out too. I am so comfortable in Lilly for going out especially during the late summer months that it's a natural choice for me! A friend of mine, Amanda, always goes out in Lilly in Maryland (now she's in Edinburgh though!) and said that she felt funny if she wasn't in Lilly! I totally get that feeling now too! Anyone else grab any late summer Lilly? Any good sales?? I'd love to hear!



DC GOP Girl said...

You're going to lovely going back to school in that frock!Super cute! I've not bought any new Lilly for a whole whopping 2weeks... trying not to look at sales right now as I'm broker than broke.


Sweet Southern Prep said...

Under the Palm Tree has a great sale! And just today, if you order over $200, you get 10% off. Love that place. Just use the code: Shopaholic.

I wasn't a huge fan of that print either, but my daughters both have dresses in that print, so yesterday I went ahead and ordered the Shift in that print too, so I can match them. :)

Persians and Pulitzer said...

Adorable dress!!

L.A.S. said...

Cute dress! You will get lots of good use out of that at school. I scored a new Lilly keating silk dress and a bowtie today on the RueLaLa sale. Got to love a good Lilly steal!

Tara said...

I actually just tried the Bowen on, too, and loved it! I thought it might be too skimpy for me in the chest but it's actually very cute and flattering. :)