Monday, August 2, 2010

Late Summer Staple

Long Sleeve White T-Shirts

I love a great long sleeve white t-shirt. You can throw one on with just about any bottom and you look effortless and chic. I think white long sleeve t's look nice with plain shorts, printed shorts, skirts, summer capris, and whatever else you can think of. I often wear one with navy J. Crew 5'' shorts and a great necklace (which was actually broken one night but then miraculously fixed by a good friend...I have no idea how he did it...) and Jacks. If you see some of my Polyvore sets, you know I wear this look a lot, just like July 26. and June 14.

For awhile I thought that long sleeved anything in the summer was silly. It's too hot and looks out of place, right? Wrong. You can not only take a long sleeve white t-shirt from day to night with a few simple changes, but it's a great alternative to a sweater or cardigan (although, don't get me wrong, I do love a good cardi). 

I first got the idea to do so a few years ago from the Cape Madras website. They had some young girl models who all were wearing various madras bottoms (skirts, skorts, capris, or shorts) and different white tops. In a few of the photos (since I first saw it, all the photos have been re-shot) the girls looked so cute and effortless that I had to give the look a try. Here's a photo that was similar to the one I saw:

First of all, how adorable are they and second of all, how nice does the plain bright white long sleeve t-shirt look?

If you don't have a good white t-shirt in your wardrobe, I would suggest scurrying over to your closest J. Crew outlet and picking up 10 a few of their standard crew neck white long sleeve-ers. I also have a couple from Old Navy but they don't last as long or keep their shape as well. I also like the J. Crew scoop neck Artist T's, but sometimes they can be sheer so try them on before buying. 

Anyone else like this look especially as a transitional outfit as summer begins to wind down (althought we still have a VERY long time, so not to worry!)??



Dana said...

I like wearing white, period. Especially in the summer when it looks great with a tan!

Miss Preppy in Pearls said...

I almost need another closet for all my JCrew crew neck favorite tshirts... short and long sleeve! Love love love them!!!

Preppy Little Dress said...

That picture of those girls in their Madras skirts reminds me of my boarding school days! Love it! Boden also makes great long sleve t-shirts too!

An Inquiring Mind said...

I love white! I can't always keep it clean, but I love it. I want to run out and buy all of those shorts now!

Preppy Perfectionist said...

Love white shirts! I buy a bunch of Target, very inexpensive and surprising well- made! Ugghhh do not even want to think about the end of summer! You're right, we still have a long time! :)

Southern Champagne Wishes said...

I love long-sleeved white tees! They are perfect all year round and I definitely need to stock up. Thanks for the reminder!

the pink prep said...

totally essential - especially in the summer. the long-sleeve tee with short-shots and sandals is one of my favorite looks for a casual summer day!

bevy said...

I have so many white tees... love them!