Thursday, September 9, 2010

Needlepoint Belts (By Hand?)

So I've decided that I want to needlepoint a belt. I haven't the slightest how to needlepoint or where even to begin, but I'm going to do one eventually. Maybe over an extended break (i.e. Christmas, Summer, maybe both if necessary...etc.) I'll try it and see, but I want to do one.  That being said, it probably wouldn't be for me, but for a gift instead because I'd feel weird wearing my own. Also, girls don't really wear needlepoint belts as much, so most likely it's going to be a gift for a guy friend of mine (who won't judge me if it's not perfect...). Here are a few of the ideas I'm throwing around from different needlepoint belt sites that I simply found by googling it:
Bowties: so cute and would match a TON since there are so many colors

Schooners: I'm still a MD girl at heart!

Bourbons: for the quintessential Southern guy

Boat Flags: always a crowd pleaser

Trout/Fishing: very cute, but would white get dirty? Not sure...?

Sailboats: I love this and I love all the colors! To anyone who has done this before, do more colors = high level of difficulty? If so that might narrow things down a bit...

Dressed Horses: This would be so perfect for the Carolina Cup or Preakness Stakes! 

Golden Retrievers: How cute for anyone with a Chesapeake Bay Retriever? Perfect for MD!

So for any of my Southern Ladies who have made these:
1. Are they difficult? (1a. Is needlepoint hard to pick up? I feel like with YouTube, any tutorial is easy these days...)
2. Is it time consuming?
3. Did you get it finished professionally?
4. Do they hold up?
5. Would they make a good gift?

Advice please ladies!!



Annie said...

Super cute idea. I'm anxious to hear the responses as I'm clueless at this stuff but it would be a fun hobby!

katiemade said...

I've never needlepointed a belt, but I have needlepointed before. I wouldn't say it's overly hard to learn, and there are needlepoint stores everywhere (just google it, I'm sure there is one close to you that has super inexpensive classes or intro sessions). It does help to have someone walk you through it, just so you get the hang of it a little faster. From living in Baltimore, I know that Maryland has some needlework shops near the eastern shore, and my BF is from near philly where there are a few.
It is time consuming. It's a lot like knitting in that some people are faster than others. If you did it over a break, and tried to always work on it while watching tv, or scheduled a few hours a day, you could probably finish something within a week or a few.
Lastly, I think they hold up based upon the finishing. I think some kits come with finishing pieces, but I'm also fairly sure needlepoint shops offer finishing services, or you could inquire through a monogram shop, as they probably have a source that can so custom belts, and could take your needlepoint and make it something magic.

On another note, I love your blog! Preppy love from another Katie!

mFw said...

I worked at Sign of the Arrow which is a needlepoint boutique in stl.

It is not hard by any means once you get the hang of it. At our shop a lot of times someone will sit down the person and just show them for 10 minutes, instead of going to a class.

Belts can take a long time, but they're my favorite thing to stitch. I've done one in three weeks and some take me six months depending on what I have going on. I normally stitch while watching TV.

Make sure its finished by one of the shops. Most of them to exceptional work and its not extremely expensive. I'm not sure who you are planning to make it for, but they do the traditional leather as well as grosgrain d ring ones for women. They are one of the cheaper stores for finishing and other stores around the country send their belts to us, so therefore the price is really marked up.

If you're making it for someone else, make sure you know how to do the sizing depending on where you're having it finished. Belt sizes are different from pant sizes.

I've posted about needlepoint a couple times on my blog! Good luck and let me know if you have any questions!!

wbm said...

I have done two needlepoint belts, one for myself and one for a boyfriend at the time. The stitch/canvas is significantly smaller than other needlepoint projects, so although it looks like there is less to do, it still takes time. I really enjoy making them. People are always impressed when I say you I made it as opposed to store bought. I personalized both of mine with a monogram near one end of the belt to give it an extra special touch. After it has been completed scotch guard it. This will help keep it from getting stained or ruined from constant wear.

Also, as mFw stated, make sure you understand sizing and measurements before you have it professional made into a belt. When I made it for my boyfriend at the time I had to add additional length to the belt because he liked to wear his pants at his hips instead of higher on his waist.


Charleston Girl said...

My vote is for the boat flags - love it!

Beth said...

Hi! I own a needlepoint store Stitches, Etc in Bay Village, OH and I am also a needlepoint designer, Beth Gantz Designs is my company. I sell belts in my store and I also design belts.
Belts can take some time to stitch, but are fun to make! Not only can you make a belt, but you can make flip flops from a belt! Make sure to send the belts to a needlepoint store to have them finished.
Any needlepoint store can help you learn to stitch! It is so easy!
Love your blog!

bevy said...

I made one for my boyfriend in college and am. Now stitching one for my husband. They are time consuming, but great therapy!

KWR said...

I made one for my best friend for christmas last year. It's really easy but took me about 2 months. Just depends on how fast you finish it.