Thursday, October 14, 2010

Outfit of the Day: White Way After Labor Day

I wore this on Monday and broke two major rules: no seersucker and no white shoes. It was in the 90's on Monday, but it's so cold in the morning that I knew I didn't want to wear jeans because I knew it was going to be super hot later. I love all my summery skirts and skorts that I hate to see them go unworn for so long. I'm squeezing them through fall as much as I possibly can even if it means breaking a rule here or there. I thought it was a fun outfit that still had a fall feeling with the long sleeves, but then I was reminded that I live in South Carolina where you never know what to expect.

As I told my friend Alina over the weekend, "South Carolina: Where the Football and Weather Never Make Sense" license plate tagline?



fashion_freak said...

Gorgeous outfit, I love these preppy stuff - I'm following your blog ages ago and always enjoy these outfit posts :) xo
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Anonymous said...

I know it was Southerners who made a lot of these "not after Labor Day" rules, but they really don't make much sense here, do they? I try to follow them too, however it's only been out of the 90's here in South Georgia for a couple of weeks (still in the mid-80s), so I cannot part with all of my summer clothes yet. You're doing a good job of making the best of it. Cute outfit!