Saturday, November 6, 2010

CRAZY for Carolina!

It's that time again everyone, homecoming! I tweet about USC Homecoming a lot, and the whole week is crazy. There is just about something to do every night! Monday was a free stuff day, Tuesday was the Homecoming Showcase, Wednesday was an event called Spurs and Struts, Thursday was a big pep rally (I didn't attend though because I pulled an all nighter Wednesday studying for an Accounting test) and Friday was a massive step show put on by the NPHC sororities and fraternities.
Although very blurry, this was one of the acts from Showcase! How cool? One of the male contestants for King attempted the act from America's Got Talent and did a great job!!
This is Steve Spurrier from canned creations. I built his visor and was very proud. He was part of our newspaper-making design! One of our newest ambassadors was photographed for the South Carolina state newspaper!!

Flashback to Wednesday night if you will. Spurs and Struts is a huge part of the week. All the different teams competing toward Homecoming have to choreograph a 5 minute dance that has to do with your organization, work with the theme of homecoming and have all kinds of other parts. This was our team:
Here's our small but mighty wonderful team!! I couldn't be more proud (WHO ARE YOU, AK-47, THE bromance, I can Transform ya, me attempting to dougie and body roll and everything else I was horrible at, snacking, dancing, I SEE YOU D GUETTA, stripping...Grace, booty poppin', awkward hugging, y'all I could go on forever!!) We danced to Follow Me Down by 3Oh3, Crazy by Britney Spears, Club Can't Handle Me Now by Flo Rida, All I Do is Win by DJ Khaled, I Can Transform Ya by Chris Brown. It was mixed by the wonderful Laura (second from the left on the bottom row).

It was a crazy few practices (we apparently "only had 3" wink wink to all my dancers) that we had and I wouldn't have changed anything. I had a great time with all of you and loved getting to know everyone an a totally different unique level. Who would have ever thought I would have been dancing in front of our student body. I thank Georgia, Jonathan, Joe, Elizabeth, Patrick, Adam, Jade, Laura, Katie, Grace and Megan for the rockin' time we had!


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Sarah Wyland said...

Looks like fun! Our Homecoming officially kicks off at 1pm tomorrow - cannot wait! Pomping my life away for the next 5 days. :)