Monday, November 29, 2010

Forever21 Headband Steals!

While I was at home, I managed to go shopping with my mom and sister BEFORE Black Friday! I didn't snag too much, but I got a few good picks from forever21:
LOVE this rosette headband! Even better--it was only $3.80! My roommate Megan loves headbands like this, so I'm sure she'll want to snag one too. The flowers are also in a good spot so it doesn't really matter which side you wear it on. I really like this neutral color too so I can wear it with pretty much anything!
I liked it so much that I got another one in grey! I see online that it also comes in black too!
Finally this was the last set I snagged. My gold headband was a little different though and it had a big woven bow on it! That headband even made it into the Christmas card! OOTD and actual photo to come in another post!

I also got a pair of blue leggings (that I wore with my Lilly Sadie dress) from f21, but they're the first pair of leggings I've ever worn! They sort of don't count though because I wore them under a dress with boots so they'd give off a look of tights. I did enjoy them however, and they were comfy. I still don't think I could wear them as "pants" but instead more like thick tights. 

I have a tacky Christmas party to attend Wednesday night (when my rookies "graduate") so I may end up wearing black leggings under a tacky sweater. We'll see though--it all depends on the length of everything!! I have to be so careful about that stuff.

I hope everyone had nice Thanksgiving weekends!



Rachel said...

I love Forever 21's headbands!

Brie said...

SO cute! I just ordered a few :) Thanks for sharing. Free shipping today only with cybermonday10

Anonymous said...

I too bought the same bow headband from f21 in 3 colors. I need to stop.

Katie said...

Great headband finds!