Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Glee Goes Katy Perry

I can hardly contain myself for tonight's episode! I've been on such a Glee hiatus because I had never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show and then they didn't have a new episode the next week! PLUS I missed the episode before that because I was studying...3 week Glee dry spell! I can't wait to see what this episode has in store. I didn't even look up any spoilers or ANYTHING so it's all BRAND new when I get to see it! I have a fitting tonight in preparation for the fashion show tomorrow, but hopefully we get out a little early! Any Gleeks READY for this?!



CanadianPrep said...

I am SUPER excited for tonight's episode! I just got Season 1, so I've been re-watching all of the old episodes, which is making me even more obsessed!

MLD said...

Im behind too! I missed the Rocky Horror episode, which I wasn't too bummed about, but I wasn't home last night and forgot to set my DVR AND my laptop is getting fixed so I can't watch it online. Technology fail!