Thursday, December 16, 2010

5 for 500 Giveaway Week: Day 4

Looking4Lilly is one of my favorite Etsy stores and she's participating in the 5 for 500 Giveaway with some of her delightful Lilly headbands! Who doesn't love THAT combo? Look at some of her fabulous items:
(I have the Prussia Skort in this Princess Patch print, it's one of the best I've ever seen!)

(I have cups in this Patchtastic print!)
(White Zin is one of my most favorite recent prints!! My agenda is in this print!)
(I have pants in this pattern AND it L4L's icon print!)

How cute is she?! Leave a comment for 1 entry and go to her Etsy store and pick out your favorite headband and get 1 more entry and follow her blog and LIKE her on facebook for 2 more entries (1 each)!! 4 possible entries here!! Yes!!

Winners announced on the 18th so enter by then!!



Lily said...

1. Love this giveaway!!
2. I love all the headbands, but the San Diego Zoo is my favorite!!
3. I'm following her blog
4. Liked her on facebook!

suburban prep said...

2. I love the Lilly Pulitzer fabric ceramic Stocking Christmas Holiday Ornament.
1. darling site she has.
3 I am already a follower of her blog.

Katie said...

I absolutely love these! (:

Southern Charm said...

Love these headbands!

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Such cute headbands! My favorite item is the Lilly Pulitzer Fabric 2 Piece Set Headband and Clip Black Jack. I follow her on blog and like her on facebook.

Carly said...

I love these headbands! If I don't win, I might just have to buy one.

LC said...

Thanks for letting us know about looking for lilly. This is a great giveaway & I'm now following her blog.

Belles, Bows, and BBM said...

I have some of these too, they're SO CUTE!

1. Obviously I'm already a follower of her blog
2. My favorite headband is the Rosette Thin headband in White Zin (my agenda is also in that print!)
3. Like her on facebook as well :)

kelseaf said...

1. I love this giveaway, and Princess Patch print! (My sorority bulk orders her headbands for recruitment, we love her!)
2. I follow her blog!
3. I "like" her page on facebook too!

Sarah Casarella said...

Lilly Pulitzer 2 Piece Set Headband and Clip Winner is my fave. It would look so cute with a navy blue dress for cup!

Followed and Liked looking4lily, so presh.

Annnd i highly suggested if you still have christmas shopping to do check out the etsy gift finder that links with your facebook!

Vanessa said...

Our sorority has ordered headbands for rush from her the past 2 years! (I was in charge of it!) I have several of the Lilly ones and then this year we sent her our own fabric that matched our dresses!

1. I think my current favorite is the one with 3 flowers in Make a Splash!
2. Already follow her blog!
3. Already like her on facebook!

life-love-laughter said...

1. Your giveaways are just getting better and better :)
2. I love that White Zin headband, it's also one of my favorite recent prints (and of course I have that agenda too!) The White Zin clutch is really cute too!
3. I follow her blog
4. I like her on Facebook

Vanessa Kennedy said...

1. This is so fun! Thanks for hosting!
2. I LOVE the San Diego Zoo headband. I may end up getting it regardless....:)

nataliarosie said...

1. My roommate got one of these from her boyfriend and I love it!!!
2. My favorite is the "One Inch Floral Rosette headband Pink and Brown"
3. LIked her on facebook :)

Rachel said...

I like the "Ring My Bell" Headband! Also, I followed her blog and liked her on Facebook! 4 entries please!

Charleston Girl said...

Very cute. Pick me, pick me!!

hollywoodlights said...

the headbands are adorable!!!

Gretchen said...

i love this giveaway! the patchtastic headband is my favorite!

Anne said...

Katie I love these! I want one, do they have a website?

Anonymous said...

Only one way to sum up these giveaways: Amazing.
Follower of the blog and "liked" on facebook.

Sarah Long said...

I LOVE that white zin headband! It matches my agenda too!

SaraSmiles said...

1. LOVE this giveaway
2. The headbands are absolutely adorable! I can't pick just one!
3. Following her blog
4. Liked on Facebook

Taylor said...

1. love your blog & this giveaway!!
2. white zin is adorable!
3. i follow her blog
4. like(love) her on favebook!

living well said...

1. I looove these headbands. I have one and I wear it all the time!
2. I love the Pink Chameleon headband.
3. I follow L4L blog!
4. I like L4L on Facebook!

Holly said...

#1: L-O-V-E, love this!
#2: Favorite is definitely the headband in Petal Pushers! Heyyy Santa...
#3: I'm a follower of her blog!

Ashton said...

obsessed with these head bands

Katie said...

1. I love this giveaway!
2. You expect me to pick a favorite? Haha, if I had to choose it would be the White Zin.
3. I follow her blog.
4. I like her on facebook.

P said...

-in love with these headbands. They are so adorable.
-I like the pineapple stripe one the best, but its hard to pick a favorite lol.

CanadianPrep said...

These are too cute! Count me in for an entry please!

Anonymous said...

I love all these, especially white zin. What a cute giveaway idea!

Anonymous said...

these are the cutest headbands i've ever seen!

Celine said...

Love this giveaway! My favorite is this one Lilly Pulitzer Fabric Rosette Thin Headband Princess Patch.

-PreppyTwin [Tumblr]
-MapleLeafTwins [Blogspot]

mFw said...

So cute!

I'm a fan on facebook!

I follow her blog!