Thursday, January 20, 2011

Music of the Moment

"L-O-V-E" by Nat King Cole

I'm THIS close to starting a wedding playlist on my iTunes. This song always always always makes me think of "The Parent Trap" first scene when Elizabeth is spinning around slowly in her gorgeous dress on the QE2. Anyway, I recently downloaded a bunch of jazz to listen to while I study and this one I've ended up listening to a lot when I drive. I sing (badly) at the tippy top of my lungs to this song as if Nat himself was sitting right next to me. (Note: when I sing, I wear sunglasses so if people I know drive around me they won't know it's me...)
"...the wine from our wedding"

Anyway, I'm a huge Parent Trap fan, as are like all the girls my age who knew LiLo before she went nuts. The "twins" were so cute and sweet (and preppy)! 

Anyone else out there a NKC fan? Great for studying, driving, blogging and dance parties in my room when I get into my PJs! Hope everyone's having happy Thursdays!



French Lover said...

Aw, I had this song on my wedding playlist ;) I love NKC !!

Southern Charm said...

I love listening to some jazzy tunes while driving in the evenings to wind down and while studying!

Buckhead Belle said...

Love this song! And I am obsessed with the Parent Trap!

Cambron said...

I love NKC! You may want to try out some Nina Simone...also GREAT for a relaxed evening!

Worthington said...

Such a small world! I added this song to my wedding reception playlist just last night! ha! and I have always loved the Parent Song. Le sighhhhh

Summer Wind said...

I LOVE this song and LOVE Nat King Cole. Jazz is both relaxing and fun to listen to.
I'm obsessed with the Parent trap too! I have probably watched it 100 times!