Saturday, January 22, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Warmer Weather!

We're lucky enough to have a few little teasers of nice weather here! I am SO thankful because this week has certainly been a long one! I've done so much connecting with readers this week, and I've really wanted to thank everyone for their emails and interest. I'm getting to each of you as fast as I can! Yesterday, silly (but hopeful) me work Jack Rogers to campus...yeah, not such a good idea. I had class at 1:25 on Friday about 4 blocks from my parking garage and figured that it was warm enough to wear my beloved platinum Jacks. Well as hopeful and optimistic I was feeling, I was plain silly for wearing them! My little piggies were so cold by the time I got to my classroom! Anyway, we have really been enjoying this coatless weather and some crazy boys out there have been wearing shorts!! I love all the warm weather enthusiasm and even got a text from my dad the other day saying how jealous he was that we had such great weather and they were still sub-freezing at home!!


P.S.: I'm LOVING my new Murfee!!

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The Pink Putter said...

Sooo jealous that you at least attempted to wear Jack Rogers! With 3 inches of snow on the ground, summer seems very far away!