Thursday, February 10, 2011

Guest Post: Bowties and Boatshoes

Thanks to Ryan over at one of my favorite guy's guy blogs! They offer so much great insight into dressing well, having a good attitude, and just being an awesome guy! I'm sure you'll agree!

Bowties & Boatshoes is not only the name of our blog, but it perfectly sums up our view of the East Coast Prep way of life, and two of the most basic versions of each are pieces that should be in everyone's collection.

First, let's talk about the bowtie.  The first thing you need to know is how to tie one.  If you don't know how, check out this video from Bows & Boats co-founder, Ben Meredith.  Second, you have to commit.  If you are going to wear a bowtie, you can't be shy about it.  Own the look, and have confidence in it.  If you don't, you are just going to feel awkward all day.  While there are a ton of great options out there, we think the perfect "starter" bowtie is the BB #1 Striped Bowtie from Brooks Brothers.  Brooks Brothers is one of our first stops when looking for simple classics, and this bowtie will look good for any occasion. If you want a more cost effective, less mass produced option, check out Ben's handmade bowtie shop at

While there are multiple pairs of boatshoes in our rotation, the one that we reccomend for everyone is the Authentic Original Boat Shoe from Sperry Top-Sider.  Sperry is credit with originating the boatshoe over 75 years ago, and their products remain some of the best out there.  No matter what type of boatshoes you own, there are three rules you should always abide by: 1. No Socks, this is not negotiable.  If you have to wear socks, wear a different pair of shoes.  2. No black soles.  If they soles are black, they are going to leave marks on deck.  3.  No complaining if they get wet.  Seriously, they are called boat shoes for a reason.  Don't worry, the leather can take a beating.

Obviously, this is just a small start to living the East Coast Prep lifestyle, but if you want to understand a little more each day, make sure Let's Be Preppy, and Bowties & Boatshoes are daily stops while you are cruising around the web.

xxKatie (+Ryan)

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Michelle said...

did I miss the link to this guy's blog?! i'd like to look at it.

PreppyLittleLady said...

Love your posts :)