Friday, February 18, 2011

My Next Roadtrip/Vacay: Amelia Island, FL

In the top most tippy-tip-tip of Florida is baby little Amelia Island. It looks like it could be a coast of some Caribbean island, but instead is right in our home country! It has been called one of Florida's best island vacations so you know it's gotta be good!! It just looks beautiful and I'd love to go visit:

My dad is a big lighthouse collector, so I always look for vacation destinations with a special lighthouse! Like father like daughter!
This looks like a fusion of Key West, Charleston and a little bit of Bermuda with the fun colors! What a great combo to have in a vacation destination!
Amelia Island has lots of history to it too!

During early March they have a garden show which I'm sure is TDF! It sounds like such a fun destination!! Has anyone ever been here?



Annie said...

One of our best family friends from home has a house there. I've been down twice - LOVE IT. In fact, Kevin is hopefully going to win a trip there for his work over Memorial Day weekend. If you go, be sure to stay or at least go in the Ritz Carlton. GORGEOUS!

Melissa said...
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Buckhead Belle said...

OMG, I love Amelia Island! It is so pretty!

Whales and Wayfarers said...

Amelia Island is amazing! The Ritz-Carlton there is breathtaking and it's so quaint and adorable!

Virginia said...

I went there last summer with my family because my dad has a meeting and it's beautiful! I had so much fun and you're totally right it felt kind of like I was not in the U.S.! We were at the Ritz Carlton too, here's the photo tour:
Hope you're having a good weekend! Virginia

MonicaRose said...

I live in Jacksonville, literally 30 minutes from Amelia Island. It's gorgeous and a great vacation spot. If you come down this way and need suggestions on where to stay/go/eat.