Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring Break: Extras

I always make a list of the "extras" I always seem to forget. The little things, the overlooked things.

1. Swim coverup:
I got this from Target the other night from the Juniors' department. It's the perfect length for throwing over a bathing suit to grab lunch or just stay out of the sun for a little while. It came in a multitude of colors to choose from too!

2. Hat
I'm not big on wearing hats, but they are a MUST on sunny vacation trips! I got this one at the beginning of the year from our school bookstore. I love it! It fits well and isn't too sporty for a girl!

3. A sweatshirt
Even in warm weather destinations, I always bring a cozy sweatshirt or fleece. You never know if it'll be cold one night or just for hanging out in the room before bed! 

4. PJ's
Because I tend to forget coverups, I always end up using my reserve of PJ t-shirts for beach shirts and then I'm left with no PJ's! Oh no! This time I'm going to beat it though!

5. Chargers
Even though I won't really be able to use my phone much, I'll still need my charger for when I return home! 

Are there any essentials you forget? Any god way to remember them all?



zippitydodaaa said...

Cute coverup!

Bo-Nan said...

Love this post, I ALWAYS manage to forget something on trips like spring break. One of my biggest things is I bring a book and somehow manage to read it faster than expected and end up at a loss for great literature! So I'd recommend bringing an extra book - if that's your cup of tea!

katelyn w said...

I have to make a check list before I travel because if I don't I will absolutely forget something! I even get as OCD as to plan outfits by day, it is a little obsessive but it works!

Emily said...

I always make a list of those "extras" because with the excitement of wherever we're going, I always tend to forget something! I also am super OCD about packing...I plan my wardrobe at least 2 weeks in advance and make a million lists but it works for me, plus I feel super organized!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget sunscreen!

Oh and so many hotels in Aruba now have free Wi-fi in their lobby areas too!

Have fun!
(I leave for Aruba in about a month!)

: )


Patti ( said...

cute cover-up, i got a similar one when i was in Florida...

Liv Kit @ Simply Sunshine and Daisys said...

Love the cover up and the pants.