Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top Shot Tuesday!

It's FINALLY Top Shot Two-sday! The second season of Top Shot starts tonight! My dad and I got really into TS over the summer and I ended up making some of my friends watch it with me on Sunday nights. I have been waiting for season two to start since the last one ended! 

My early choice for the winner:
I watched a preview about two weeks ago on all of the new participants and I think Daryl is gonna win. (I'm very rarely correct in these types of predictions, so I hope I don't sabotage his chances early on! If he gets out the first day, you all can laugh!)  He recreated all the challenges from last season in his backyard, so I think he's gonna be pretty good. 

I'm VERY much looking forward to tonight! I only watch a few shows during the week (Glee, Say Yes to the Dress, and maybe 1 other one?) and this is being added to the rotation because it's finally back!

I know I'm not the only Top Shot fan!! There's gotta be more of y'all out there!


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