Friday, March 18, 2011

Collection Addition

Just yesterday I picked up these Bandolino shoes at TJMaxx! This "Shelly" shoe was on sale for only $24.99 and I knew I'd have buyers remorse if I didn't snatch them up. My pair is a little lighter and patent and they're great nude colored heels. I've wanted a pair of neutral shoes but they're usually too high or too platform-y or not the right shade. 

I tried on this pair of pumps at Target but they were too tall and showed too much toe clevage, so I wasn't a fan. The color was definitely nice though.
I also tried on this pair from Target as well, and the stacked heel made the shoes look much more expensive than they were. The toe was a little too round though and showed A LOT of toe clev, so I put these back as well. Definitely a fan of the heel of of this pump though!

Anyone have good neutral heels? Are they comfy? Wheredidja get them!?



ShortBlonde said...

I'm looking for shoes just like these! I have the same problem as you: the heels are usually too high, they're not the right shade or they're too platformy/wedge-y.

I like the peep toe of the Bandolino pair- looks like I'll have to head over to TjMaxx soon and see if they somehow miraculously have them in my size!


Short, Sweet, and Petite said...

What a bargain! I'll have to run to my nearest TJMaxx then :)

Annie said...

Ohhhh I love patent nude heels. I need to find some too!

Casey said...

I have a pair similar to the first photo but patent. Can't remember where I got them, and I haven't worn them yet.

life-love-laughter said...

I splurged and got a pair of PERFECT patent nude Cole Haan pumps at DSW! They are my favorite shoes I own because they are the perfect heel height and since they are Cole Haan, they are made with the Nike Air so they are SO comfortable!

Bo-Nan said...

Nude Heels? I just love them. I don't know where I'd be if I didn't own a pair! Great purchase! xx