Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring Break: The Bag

I love packing, but for beach vacations, a good beach bag is essential. How else would you cart everything that you need AT the beach TO the beach? Carry it, I think not. I have a few bags that I consistently rely on as beach bags!
L.L. Bean Boat and Tote, Open Top, XL
These bags are great. You really can't go wrong with any of the Boat and Totes from LLB. I have the XL and it's great for fitting towels, snacks, books, everything that you'd need for a quality day at the beach with you!
Victoria's Secret Leopard Tote
I got this tote for FREE! Using the FREESWIM coupon code I found online, I snagged this tote along with free shipping (now you can't combine codes...sorry). It's a canvas bag that's been treated with a plastic outside so it's great if you're plopping in the sand all day. All you need to do is brush it off and you're good to go!
Vineyard Vines 
I use one of my VV totes that's pretty old on vacations. It's almost 6 years old and is fraying where the straps hit the silk. The inside has all kinds of pen marks inside, and I don't feel bad lugging it around on the beach. If it was brand new, I certainly wouldn't waste it with the salty air and sandy surface!

I know I always bring a ton to the beach, so I have to be well prepared! Do you  have any good bags for the beach??



pittsburghprepster said...

I have a VV bag, but am sad to say it's sometimes not big enough! Love the L.L. Bean bag! Thanks so much for sharing!

Peachy Keen said...

I use an old VV too! It can be a bit of tight fit though so I may be upgrading soon.

Anonymous said...

Great choices Miss Preppy, we use our LL Bean & Lands' End both!

Sending you a smile,

ShortBlonde said...

I love my LLB tote, and I am STILL baffled as to how well it holds up! I've put it through so much, yet it hasn't suffered so much as a tiny tear.

Amanda said...

My latest post is all about spring break and travel make up:

Casey said...

Embarrassed to say I own three LL Bean boat totes and one from Land's End. Love them!

Jamie Lynn said...

I have a LL Bean tote and love it! It is all around a great bag, holds up so well the extra long straps are the way to go though! great post xoxo

Grace Salter said...

I love my boat and tote! its monogrammed in garnet & black :)

Liv Kit @ Simply Sunshine and Daisys said...

Big bags are a must for me.