Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Vacation Book Reviews!

So over spring break I ended up reading 3 books and knocking out a lot of my Economics homework!

The first one I read was The Secret Lives of Dresses. I would TOTALLY recommend this book, 5 out of 5 stars. I even made my Momma read it and she liked it. It was SO cute and I think you all should go out and buy it/download it/ebook it! This was such a cute, quick, light-hearted read that it's so worth it and you'll want to pass it onto your friends!

Next I read There's Cake in My Future. 5 out of 5 stars...not so much. This book is why books like He's Just Not That Into You were written. It was too "ladies novel" and cheesy. I do like the idea behind the cake pulls and it really had a lot of potential, but the characters were pretty silly and boy-obsessed. Wouldn't necessarily recommend this one, but I did finish it.

Finally I ended up buying House Rules right before I left from our school bookstore. This is the 10th Jodi Picoult book I've read and definitely one of the best. For the first time I saw the end coming because you get a "preview" about halfway though. This book has a longer lasting trial portion than most of her books, but if you're an avid Jodi reader, this is definitely a good one.

Anyone have any suggestions for my next reads? I'm not planning any trips soon, but I'm certainly up for any recommendations!!



Brown Girl said...

The Secret Lives of Dresses looks really good :)) I'll definitely have to check it out. Thanks for the recommendations!!

xo BG

Melayne Marchese said...

Thank you for the book reviews!! I have just finished a book and am at a stand still..dont' know what to read next. I have House Rules downloaded on my ipad...I have read most of Jodi Picoult's books, too! But haven't had motivation to start this gave it to me! Thanks!

The Secret Lives in Dresses looks GREAT, too...will download it today!

Melayne Marchese said...

Loved this book ~ Leaving Unknown by Kerry Reichs. There is a little review about it on my blog!!

Rachel said...

I heard that Hunger Games is good! That is definitely on my to-read list!

dee said...

i recommend The Help. you're gonna love it :)

Raulston said...

Picoult is a superb and exceptional writer and I would certainly reccomned this book after reading it myself.

I just stumbled across your digital scribings and wanted to wish you a "good day." Consider me a new subsciber!