Friday, March 4, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

Here I go, for a crazy week:

1. my camera for documenting my life. Fun times, crazy times, and my roommate and I being ridiculous. I love how I can look at you and laugh at loud at our nights the next day.
2. for "class friends" who still say hello to me and wave to me while I'm giving tours. We may not be the closest, but I feel like it's a lot cooler when we all acknowledge each other.
3. to my awkward moments. My life is a montage of awkward moments.
4. for Twitter. It's been so much fun to develop friendships using this outlet. It keeps me in contact with friends that I'm not as close with and gives me a way to connect with companies, and friends from home!
5. for beach books. I picked up another book to read since I thought I'd probably be able to finish 1 book on the flight.
6. for BUYING MY FIRST WEDDING MAGAZINE! I bought Martha Stewart Weddings to read while I'm at the beach!
7. to my close friends. I'm sorry you have to put up with the massive mess that I am (in alphabetical order: Aly/Aldy, Colleen, Emily, Georgia, Jill, Laura, Megan, Sara, Sarah...others)
8. to our washing machine. Thanks a lot for working EONS better than your counterpart.
9. to all the dogs I got to see this week. You all brightened my day!
10. to iTunes, for getting me ready for all kinds of spring break antics!!



zippitydodaaa said...

I looove reading wedding magazines and just haven't worked up the guts to actually purchase a hard copy of one yet. Enjoy!

Jana said...

I used to give tours on campus too! People would see me leading large groups of high school students around and were like whattt is she doing? Fun times!

Kayla Nicole said...

I've been buying wedding magazines since I was 18, I'm obsessed with them. What books did you get for the beach? I'm trying to pick out some good beach reads.