Saturday, April 30, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Exams All Day Erryday

So I'm smack in the midst of my exams. I've finished 2 of them and have 2 more to knock down. I will also be here until the last day of finals which totally stinks because all of my friends will be finished by the time I still have my last one! (#bitter) I am so ready to be done with these classes but I am SICK to my stomach thinking that I'm halfway done with college. I can't believe it! Anyway I've been sticking with comfy clothes to study for exams and I'm always carrying around a sweatshirt just in case we start studying where it gets too cold! All the buildings tend to CRANK up the A/C since everyone's inside now and I'd say we all highly appreciate it.

Anyone else in exams? I am thinking of all of you in between the Boolean Proofs, Balance Sheets, Production Possibility Frontiers, and Expressionist paintings that I'll be studying this week!



{av} | {long distance loving} said...

Happy Saturday, Katie! If you're studying in a get-up like that, you look infinitely cuter than I did during exams. Holy moly! If you hadn't said that was going on, I would have had no clue...seriously! And your outfit of the day would be perfect for a Friday’s Fancies post...feel free to link up if you want :) if not now, you're always welcome! Hope the studying goes well! xoxo {av}

SKB said...

I don't miss those exams at all. Good luck to you-you're almost there!!!

Sarah Wyland said...

Good luck studying! I can honestly say that's one part of college I don't miss. It's kinda weird to sit in my living room reading my friends who are still in college updating their FB statuses with exam stuff.