Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekly Gratitude

1. Thanks to all my graduating friends. You have provided me with inspiration, guiding footsteps, many minutes of wonderful advice, at times shoulders to cry on, your learned wisdom, professors not to take, the "I wish I knew then" tips, and so much more. You're leaving big shoes to fill. I hope that we can do your hardwork justice.
2. Thanks to my parents this week. They've been so supportive of me and your texts and cheerful calls have meant the world.
3. Thanks to this semester to FINALLY being over. I have learned so much about myself this year (more than any other school year I've had) and I couldn't be happier that this year has come to a close.
4. Thanks to Columbia, SC for becoming my home. While I am happy this year is over I will miss this crazy city so much over the summer. I can give directions, tell you hole-in-the-wall places, and spend more time here than my "home".
5. Thanks to Target for being the best one-stop-shop ever. I got cleaning supplies, an organizational hutch, and other packing supplies in one fell swoop.
6. Thanks for my Logic professor for awarding participation points in class. The high scorer gets free movie passes. I've been able to enjoy both "Something Borrowed" and "Water for Elephants" on her dime. One of the classes I worked my BUTT off in paid me back.
7. Thanks to my friends for convincing me to do awesome things. I owe you all. You have been more than a girl could ever ask for this year.
8. Thanks to my sister for letting me bug her with "PING"'s on BBM, annoying facebook chats, and the craziness that I send her way.
9. Thanks to my crazy awesome Pandora QuickMix station made from: Teen Pop, The Drifters Radio, Darius Rucker Radio, Garth Brooks Radio, Zac Brown Band Radio, Michael Buble Radio, Jimmy Buffett Radio, Pop Hits 2000's and Now Radio, Contemporary Country Radio, Chairman of the Board Radio, The Beach Boys Radio, Taylor Swift Radio, and Corey Smith Radio. Such a good combo. I found myself "Liking" almost all of the suggested songs.
10. Thanks to my car. Little you have gotten me all over the place. You're my personal recording company executive since you hear everything I sing and tell people. If you could speak...


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Pink Martini said...

Congratulations on completing your semester. I hope you enjoy your summer. :)