Saturday, June 25, 2011

Can Someone Help This Girl Out?

About a month ago a girl walked into the store with the best croakies I've ever seen:
I am obsessed! I can't seem to track them down ANYWHERE though! I even emailed Chums yesterday to inquire where I might be able to find these. My new Harpoon sunglasses from Costa del Mar are just CALLING for these!

In the meantime, I've settled on finding red Chums for my pair which are proving to be nearly as hard to find in person. I may just resort to buying them online, but I'd much rather walk out of a store with my new goodies in hand, just that kind of shopper! Effectively I'd be wearing these:
I love the red for summer but also may end up buying a Navy pair since they'd probably match more or another Palmetto pair like the ones I already have from OOPS. 

Has anyone ever seen these before? In the midst of searching for all of these, I had the brilliant idea of a Port/Starboard combination! This, however, I believe hasn't been created yet. 
I know they're also Christmas colors, but most avid sailors/people who live in a sailing town (like me) would know what this really means! Just a thought for all those fabulous sunglass retailers out there!!



Holly said...

OMG I want those USA ones... You've gotta spill...

little miss southern love. said...

Try Bass Pro Shops! They usually carry a good selection.. and Chumps is one of the brands.


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