Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Week in the Life of: Let's Be Preppy

I got this question on tumblr and decided to answer it in a real post. I want to turn it into a profile for a bunch of bloggers out there! Keep your eyes peeled (and your emails refreshed!)! My weeks are anything but typical. I've been lucky to have some kind of schedule this summer, but that is very rare for me. This is how my typical summer weeks have been running for the past month (which has FLOWN by if I do say so myself!). Click the days to check out an OOTD to accompany the day!

Monday: Get up around 8:30. Lounge until 9:00. Start getting ready for work. Depending on my dad's schedule sometimes he drives me, sometimes I drive myself. Work at the store from 10-5:15. Run to pick up really fast dinner and get to class by 6:00. With tourist traffic, this is sometimes difficult! Classes until 8:30-9 depending on how tired my Econ professor is. Get home between 9:00-9:30. Finish homework, answer emails. Tweet and tumble a little if time permits. Go "up" (which means to my room to lounge, read blogs, and answer more emails) around 11:00, asleep by about midnight.

Tuesday: Same as Monday!

Wednesday: Day off! Lounge until 10. Leisurely walk downstairs, eat brunch (this can vary from day to day) around 11:00. Watch TV, blog, do more homework. Lay out for about an hour and read Nudge while sunning if weather permits. Turn on SoapNet at 1:00 for The O.C. and watch One Tree Hill (as long as it's NOT the Nanny Carrie episodes. See this tweet.) until about 4. That is my absolute guilty pleasure of summer. Gluttonous, silly, fake TV shows. This 3 hour block I love. Start gathering things for school. Shower and change before class. Class from 6-9 again (I'm taking 2 classes, 12 hours a week!). Come home, do personal emails. Favorites include my chain with Holly! Play around on Pinterest for Bayside Bride or for myself.

Thursday: Wake up early, do tweeting and video uploading for internship #2. Check internet to see if website is working. Continue uploads and start getting ready for work. Work from 10-5:15 at the store! (Note: this Thursday I'm off to the Lilly Warehouse sale!!!!!) Go to school until 9ish again (you're really starting to get the idea huh? ...Yeah me too.). Blog, email, book summer plans. STAY ORGANIZED.

Friday: This is my day that tends to change all the time. Sometimes it's a day off. Sometimes I'll work the later shift at the store. This weekend, I'm working from like 2-7 then heading to a friend's Pink and Green birthday! Thinking about wearing that to the birthday since it's a little more formal and fun BUT if I find a gem at the sale I'm gonna rock that!! I usually have to clean and do more homework on my days off. Laundry is supposed to fit in there somewhere too, right?

Saturday: Bask in the glory of not doing anything school related! I usually work the late shift again and enjoy dinner with the fam. I get picked up by the knight in shining armor (my dad) and we all eat until late. Saturday nights we tend to on-demand movies and "go up" early.

Sunday: Church at 9:00. I work some Sundays from 11-6 or run errands all day. That includes but is not limited to, laundry, supply shopping, Target runs, blogging, shopping, Robek's, etc. You get the idea. They're leisurely. Then we all grill out and have a quiet night. I download a lot of music on Sundays and gear up for the week ahead. Another special event to this week is sCe's 21st! Love her--such a sophisticated celebration!

You can say I've been busy for the summer! School and work take up my time, but I'm SO SO SO lucky (as I type this, I realize I haven't done a Weekly Gratitude yet...!!!!) to have all these opportunities this summer! I have loved every minute of being home and think of all my fabulous friends in Columbia 24/7 y'all! (Miss you like CRAZY!)

We're in the midst of one of the crazy weeks, but I love it! What are your summer weeks like? Insanity? Fun? All relaxing? Anything like mine? Let me know!!



Lily said...

just found your blog- love your aesthetic and writing style!

Emily said...

I love the picture of those clothespins.....they would be perfect for some sort of homemade calendar

Annabel Manners said...

Wow, you are a busy girl but somehow manage to juggle everything with a sense of humor and the all-important preppy flair! :)

Keeping up with Kindra said...

lately my entire week is the same routine! i need to change it up a bit.