Sunday, July 17, 2011

Outfit of the Day: All's in a Day's...Beach

I know I just did an OOTD post, but this one's a double doozie! I got a swimsuit a few months back from Target right before spring break and it's GREAT! I think Target has some of the best fitting swimsuits anywhere and I like to buy one every summer. The one I have is a lomellina material that I LOVE and can't believe it was so inexpensive at Tarjay!

July 16

July 16 by letsbepreppy featuring h&m dresses

This was my outfit at the beach! I loved having my big floppy hat--it was more like a personal umbrella! I was able to use it to cover the sun on my face when I wanted to lay flat and still be able to breathe easy--none of that cover-the-face-with-a-t-shirt-and-suffocate that I usually have to deal with! We came back to the house after a few hours and got ready for dinner. I wore my new Lilly blouse with white shorts, sporting a teeny bit of tan:

July 16

July 16 by letsbepreppy featuring post earrings

The little bits of lurex in the Karen Top make it really fun to wear with metallic jewelry! I added my gold  Jacks to complete the outfit and we were ready for a delish Italian dinner!

I'm all about this mid-July late summer sun! I love having to still need sunglasses at 8pm--yet another reason summer is such a great season!

What do you all wear during the summer? Try to keep it cool (as I sit here in the chilly AC in a long sleeve t-shirt!)?



Town and Country Prep said...

I totally agree with you about Target's bathing suits. I just picked up one today from the 2012 Sneak Preview cute!!!!

Janna said...

Love Target bathing suits! And I've been trying to find a floppy hat I like!

During hot Florida days- I'll normally wear a sun dress or shorts and a tank. But right now, I'm sitting in shorts and a long sleeved t-shirt since my husband keeps our apartment so cold!

♡ bAs said...

Seriously every outfit! I LOVE!<3