Saturday, July 2, 2011

Shop It To Me: Round 2

Just yesterday I updated all my Shop It To Me settings and it showed me so GREAT new stuff:
Kate Spade--I am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with this dress! Ohmygoodness...(remember a few days ago how I said I had a problem with shopping for fancy dresses I don't need...yeah, about that)
Trina Turk
J. Crew
Trina Turk
Trina Turk
J. Crew
Trina Turk

Want to get in on the sales? CLICK HERE to start seeing your own, personalized list of FABulous sales! You get to customize ALL the settings! Be sure to snag an invite if you missed the boat last time I wrote about my picks!! I love to me :) (I think that made sense...?) Start to you!



♡ bAs said...

I cannot even begin to describe how much i love that exact pink! So pretty! Those Jcrew shorts are so cuteee xoxo

Turtles and Pearls said...

I'm looking forward to using this! I love that Kate Spade dress! I'm sure you could find somewhere to wear it!!

Morgan said...

I just LOVE Shop It To Me! I seriously find some of the best deals! Love all of your finds too!