Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Need a Knockoff?

Frye Melissa Button Boots

Beautiful boots right? Yes, and they look great on and match everything. Naturally, they are great quality and I can speak to that directly now. But, their $328 price tag can shy people away. Until now:
Target Kasia Tall Leather Boots in Black
These are by far the best Frye Melissa Button knockoffs I've ever seen! Not only do they look good in black, but I think they look best in the Cognac color:
Now compare again to the same color in the Frye:

CRAZY RIGHT?! Need a new pair of riding boots? Be sure to check them out at Target!!

People often ask, how can I get your style on a budget. This is a PERFECT example! It is rare that I buy anything for full price. I do my homework, I get stuff on Amazon with my student discount, I get things on sale, and I wait to see if prices get lower. Knockoffs like these, that are almost SPOT ON, are a perfect way to get this upscale style of boot on a budget!



Bethany said...

Love these! They are gorgeous!

Emily said...

I picked up the Frye ones at the Nordstrom fall preview sale for $200 - still expensive, but not nearly as bad!

xx Emily @

My Life as A Plate said...

AHhh great comparison, they look SO alike, I need to go pick these up! Thanks for the post!

Hannah said...

Very nice! I've already begun my boot list for this fall I might be making a little stop at Target this afternoon.

Turtles and Pearls said...

I've already gotten the Target ones! I would love the Frye ones, but the way I go through boots, I probably can't afford them!

Kristine Elizabeth said...

So cool! I invested in a pair of expensive brown ones for the fall, but picking up a cheaper black pair from target would be great that way I'll have both!

Kim said...

Love these - I think I might need to order them in brown ASAP! Thanks for posting this!!

kelseaf said...

I love Frye boots, I am drooling over my roommates so I may have to get the Target knockoffs!

Palm Trees, Pearls, and Everything Southern said...

Scored the knock off Target Cognac colored ones three days ago for $30!!!! Someone must have returned them to the store (wrong size? because NOTHING was wrong with them) and the store marked them on clearance because they were the only pair in the store. Their loss, my BIG gain!