Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Boots ON

August 15

I wore this outfit to my friend Jill's birthday on Monday night! It was the first night out of my junior year AND my boots' debut in the South! I loved pairing them with a fun skirt and they were super comfy to wear out and walk around in! 

Everyone was pretty casual so the boots were perfect! It was great to see everyone finally back and relaxed before school starts tomorrow!! As fun as this summer has been, I can't wait to be back at school and in classes so that I finally have a real schedule! I just worked on updating my planner/agenda and calendar so that I can stay organized for the semester! The big calendar I have sits on the wall RIGHT next to my door so that if I forget anything, I can check it as I run out the door!

What do y'all wear to parties or birthdays? Do people dress more casually or dressier at your schools?



Legally Brunette Kate said...

Love the boots...I've been trying to squeeze the last few weeks out of sandal season, but I'm anxious to start wearing my fryes. I love them with dresses.

Palm Trees, Pearls, and Everything Southern said...

I have been dying for a new pair of fryes! Love yours! I cannot wait for Fall, it is by far my favorite season of the year... Still warm enough to wear cute dresses to football games but near the end you can break out those cute outfits with tights and boots!

Palm Trees, Pearls, and Everything Southern

Anonymous said...

Ooh so cute!! I love the idea of pairing boots with a super preppy skirt, I've never done that before!

Leigh said...

Ahhh just found your blog! Are you a KD?! I'm a KD and I am loving your blog!

Check out mine!

Leigh :)

Preppy Buckeye said...

Love your outfit!! That is one of my favorite Lilly prints :)