Saturday, September 24, 2011

Books Books Books

I wish I had (more) time during the school year to read books for fun. Actually, I wish I had more time during the school year period. I have many a-to-do-list item that could be checked off if only the day were a mere 4 hours longer. Namely sleep, but I'd have so much more time to get ahead instead of play catch up with assignments and reading.

Here are a few books I wish I could be reading:
Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks
I haven't read a Nicky Sparks novel recently, and this one come with decent reviews. Not to mention, the main character's name is Katie, so I was pretty much sold.
The Price of Everything by Eduardo Porter
I try to keep a business book on my shelf to stay "current" with business reading. I've read Nudge and Predictably Irrational over the summer so I think this is next on my list. I also think it'll be a good combination of the two that I read this summer!
How to Bake a Perfect Life by Barbara O'Neal
I think this may end up being one of those silly ladies' novels, but I'm still interested in reading it nonetheless. I just like the title there a rule of not judging a book by it's title? I don't think so...

Has anyone read these? Can you make any recommendations in general of books you've loved recently?


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ashleydrue said...

Safe Haven was a great book! Haven't read the other two, but might have to look them up on my Nook! Have a great day!

Kindra said...

neat! ill have to read the price of everything! looks good!

Katherine Diane said...

I totally agree! I have no time to read during the school year. I feel like all I do is work and stay super busy and if I get a moment of down time it usually involves catching up on sleep on maybe being lazy on the couch for 5 minutes, but that is not very often. Those books all sound great, I am going to write them on my list of books to read during the summer.

Little Buddha said...

The Price of Everything was horrible. The author wants to be Malcolm Gladwell and fails miserably A lot of the examples are not applicable to his points, but, like a true journalist, he alters them to suit his needs. I say pass.

Anna H said...

I love to read! The third book looks like a winner. Recently, I've really loved the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Savannah Blues/Savannah Breeze by Mary Kay Andrews. The last two are great southern reads! I'm currently reading Maine by J. Courtney Sullivan (in honor of my current trip to Maine) and it's been pretty good so far!