Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Only Time Will Tell

I'd say it's more like, "Only I will tell time" or something like that! 

Over the weekend, I invested in this little number. I was in Target for a few home supplies and stumbled upon this little guy and decided I could do well with a watch. I think I rely on my cell phone too much and use it too often, so this is one way I am trying to check it less. If I know the time, I will be less likely to look at my phone to check the time, right?

Here's hoping!

So far, this Times T5D601 is comfortable and useful. For a digital watch, it was remarkably easy to set and the directions were clear and I could reset it without them. The display is great even with my polarized sunglasses on. The digital light is a little big hard to see, but in real darkess it is useful and works well. I'm not a runner or anything so I won't really need to use the timer function, unless we change a certain ShakeWeight competition going on in my house from the timer on my cell phone to the timer now on my watch...hmm. Anyway, I really like it so far and I'm excited to wear it more.

It is certainly a sporty looking watch and not as fashionable as the one my roommate picked up and isn't really trendy or anything. Mine is pink (of course! I'm sure a few of you out there are rolling your eyes...) and pretty girly, but like I said, it's pretty sporty which you can't escape. 

I hope it holds up since you can't replace the band, but I'm excited to wear it more!

Do you wear a watch or do you rely on your phone for the time?


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Anonymous said...

Cute watch!! I am not a big watch wearer and really never have been! I do own a few "dressy" watches that I wear when I teach at my internship, but I usually rely on my phone when I'm in classes! Very cute!

I have always loved following your blog! Check mine out.. I'm doing my first giveaway!!