Sunday, September 4, 2011

Outfit of the Day: #GiraffeProblems

August 30

A few days ago, back during my toe ordeal, I was very cognizant over my shoe choices. I wanted something that limited toe movement, was supportive and comfortable, and was a bit of an upgrade from sneakers.

I decided to go with my Clark's espadrilles since I don't move my toe at all in them. I LOVE these shoes and figured I couldn't be able to wear them too too much longer so I decided to wear them to class!

I ended up feeling very Amazonian-ly tall all day long. I had class from 9-3:15 straight, but I loved my outfit so it all was a wash, all things considered!

What do you usually wear to class?



Portuguese Prepster said...

I love the pink top!

Little Miss SEC said...

Cuteee outfit! ♥

Emily said...

such a cute outfit!! My college campus has soooo many hills and steps I can't wear wedges/heels on campus... some days I wish I could- they just make an outfit!

Kristine Elizabeth said...

Super cute! My poor little feet would die though with all of the walking I do at Ohio State.

Jamie Lynn said...

I love the outfit, I wish girls at Ole Miss would start dressing up more for class!

Emily said...

Honestly? I wear Nike shorts and a t-shirt to class 90% of the time. But I always change into something cute for my meetings/social events after classes. Love your outfit though!

xoxo Emily

SKB said...

Cute outfit and I LOVE your new header! Too Cute!!!