Friday, October 7, 2011

All of the Lights

Milani "Disco Lights"

This is my new toe color! In honor of my friend Colleen's birthday I thought I'd do something really festive and fun! Plus, I couldn't really put it on my finger nails since it's very sparkly so my nails are a deep garnet color (Gameday nails, obvi). 

This is SO much fun though! I got it from CVS in Annapolis, but I know it's available at most still. I'm excited to wear this and know that I'm sparkling even if no one else does! 

Talk about twinkle toes, right?



Sarah Wyland said...

I love glitter nail polish! I try not to put it on my fingernails, but my toenails are fair game! I used to have this stuff called 'Twinkle Toes' for my horse - glitter hoof polish! My dad was embarrassed to be seen with me at horse shows.

Karena said...

Oh how pretty. I agree! I love to do different colors and effects on my toes and keep my fingernails more traditional!

PS Come let me know what you think of my Autumn decor and enter my New Giveaway!

Art by Karena

Portuguese Prepster said...

Love glitter polish! too fun.