Thursday, October 27, 2011

Outfit of the Day: Back on Track

So just as a bet to myself, I wanted to see how many days in a row I could complete Polyvores for my OOTD's! I had been VERY successful over the summer, but unfortunately a few days ago I stopped recording them between test mania and going home for fall break I got a little away from it and managed to accidently skip a few days. I cannot for the life of me, remember what I was wearing for a few of the days, so I'm going to start again! I started officially on October 25 again and have two days under my belt. Here's to a successful run (again)!

Anyway, here's my OOTD from yesterday! I was able to wear my lagoon green Lilly Pulitzer Elsa Top. The Elsa is SO versatile and I have it in this shade and white. They match SO much stuff and I look forward to getting a printed one from Resort 2011!

October 26

I also have recently gotten into Jeggings. I never thought I would. I don't like tight clothes. I shy away from tight shirts and I do NOT under any circumstances wear leggings as pants in public. I hardly ever even wear yoga pants out and about. I just prefer shirts and pants that aren't as tight as some peoples' preferences. I did though, cave and buy a pair of Target Jeggings on sale! They're a dark wash with a little detailing around the knees but otherwise are very plain. The stitching is reminiscent of True Religion Jeans but the pockets are plain. I did have to go 3 sizes up but I noticed that they were mismarked, so be sure to try on your Jeggings at Target! As I told my co-worker today, I can't believe that I've been stuffing bootcut jeans into boots now! Jeggings make it so easy!!

So how do you feel about Jeggings? Are we pro or con?



Anonymous said...

I am on the fence about jeggings but I have toyed with purchasing a pair, I'll admit it! Typically, I prefer skirts to jeans. However, I really like how you dressed up the jeggings so maybe it's time I purchased a pair?


Emily said...

I too am on the fence, I know some boots make it almost necessary for them, but I have mostly just worn skinnys. I'm not sure if I could force myself to buy a pair...but then again if they're as comfy as leggings then I just might!

Anonymous said...

Loving the outfit, but I am totally not a jeggings person! lol But you most definitely made those jeggings look good:)

Emily said...

I'm sure you look great girl! I'm not a fan of jeggings but they work well for some people!

xx Emily @

Katherine Diane said...

One of my friends has jeggings from Gap that are kind of a mix between skinny jeans and jeggings...they're not as tight as a normal jegging. They are a little more jean like, but work perfect tucked in boots. I think if you pair it with the right outfit then it's perfectly okay to wear jeggings.

little miss southern love. said...

I have a pair of seven for all mankind jeggings that I absolutely love! They are the perfect wash and they don't look like jeggings to me :)


Turtles and Pearls said...

I always wear jeggings with my boots. It really is easier, and I think the boots balance my body out. I think I'll stick to my bootcut or straight jeans with everything else, though.