Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Capri Blue: Volcano

Oh. My. Lawd.

I got this candle from a store at home over my fall break and I am in love! I don't have this huge size, but when I go back home over Christmas, I fully intend on buying this big one. I have a smaller one but oh my goodness it is so great.

Capri Blue was a candle company I had never heard of until I smelled this wonderful candle. Worst part: I can't really even tell you what it smells like. Does anyone else ever have that problem?
I have this smaller size, it's probably 4 or 5 ounces. Keep your eyes out for the Volcano scent, that's the one I have! All the other scents seem to have good reviews too. I'm a Volcano fan though!

It's part citrus, part sweet, part AMAZING. I am IN LOVE with this new scent and I fully intend on snatching up as many as I can!

Anyone else ever used this candle? Do you love it as much as I do?



Jennifer said...

I am obsessed with that candle! We burn it in my sorority house every year during recruitment. :)

Lindsey Leigh said...

i love that candle. it's hands down my fave and SO WORTH THE MONEY!!!

Kelly said...

I've never used it before, but if it's as good as you say, then I would love it!

Morgan McCord said...

We use them in our house for recruitment too! They make the house smell wonderful. I have one of them in my room at the sorority house now.

neighbortom said...

Thanks, Katie! We appreciate your wonderful nose! (And Jennifer's, and Lindsey's and Morgan's, and hopefully soon, Kelly's!) Tom Reed (...owner of DPM LLC - maker of the Capri Blue candles at Anthropologie!)

Portuguese Prepster said...

I love love that candle!!!!